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Remote Controls are magical enough to recreate this awesome Death Eater Skull. You can switch it on from across the room and make it glow an evil green! Jake and Nathan built this invention at a littleBits Workshop down at the Core Electronics Knowledge Factory.

At first, they tweaked an RGB LED Bit to be the perfect green and after some additions and problem solving they ended up with this remotely controlled Skull lamp. Just add "lumos!"

They grabbed a 3D Printed Skull of the shelf in the Knowledge Factory to really bring this project to life. You can find the STL files for that skull here.

Project Description

Step 1: Gather Parts

Step 2: Create

This idea originally started out purely as a light up skull. Jake and Nathan added more and more bits to their setup until they got to this point. A Wand controlled Death Eater Skull!

They set their RGB LED to the right shade of green and attached the Light Wire bit as well. Once that was working they attached a sound sensor to their lights so they could simply yell spells at it and it would activate!

Then they decided that a remote control would be the best way to really harness the magic of their project. Using the Wireless transmitter and receiver they had used in the BitBot project earlier, they adapted it to work with their lamp.

All that was left was a way to activate it using their wireless bits. They tried all of the different switches in the kit and decided that the best option would be to use a slide dimmer bit that would slowly (or quickly!) increase their skull's lights.

Step 3: Remix!

After their monster project was created, they decided to add an additional OUTPUT bit into the mix. The bit of choice for this remix was a buzzer that was activated on the same switch as the lighting. Now our Death Eater Skull BUZZED too!

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