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  1. USB Battery Pack - 1000 mAh PRT-11358 Sparkfun Australia

    USB Battery Pack - 1000 mAh

    SKU: PRT-11358
    Power on the go? Why didn’t you ask? We’ve got plenty! These portable, rechargeable lithium-polymer battery packs are simple, compact and make for a great way to power your widgets in the field. Best of all, they’re dead simple to operate: Just connect your device to the USB-A port on the battery pack and press the power button. An LED will alert you to the charge level of the battery and start powering your device. The battery pack will turn off on its own when your device stops drawing power from it. To recharge the battery pack, just plug it into your computer or phone charger using a USB micro-b cable. Learn More
    $23.26 AUD, inc GST
    AUD, inc GST
    $23.26 AUD

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