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Kano Computer Kit with Raspberry Pi 3

SKU: ADA3257

$340.00 AUD, inc GST
$309.09 AUD, exc GST

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Kano Computer Kit with Raspberry Pi 3
340 AUD

SKU: ADA3257

$340.00 AUD, inc GST
$309.09 AUD, exc GST
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Building a computer can be a daunting task, it's no wonder Kano has created this fantastic kit that gives you all the components and guidance required to get a handle on it! This award winning computer kit comes with a polished, illustrated instructional guide alongside Kano OS, a Linux OS distribution loaded with a ton of graphical, informational computer programs.

Follow the guide, and in no time at all you'll have a decent grip on how your computer goes together and what the peripheral ports are used for. The computer assembly process of this kit is so simple but effective that we absolutely love it.

Once you've assembled your kit, you take a journey from the terminal line, communicating with your computer with simple words and binary digits into the world of pixels and color. It's all explained by your computer's voice along the way, making the learning process a great deal of fun. Once you've gone through this clever analogy of the OS setup and login process you land on your Kano Dashboard with all the creative, programming applications that come with it at your fingertips.

The Kit comes with:

  • A Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
  • A Wireless Keyboard with touchpad (charging cable included)
  • A DIY Speaker with connectors for plugging it into your Pi
  • A custom case that is clear plastic with Speaker Mount.
  • 5V 2.5A DC Plugpack
  • A Memory Card loaded with Kano OS, ready to plug and play.
  • A 1 meter HDMI cable for display connectivity
  • An illustrated guide for assembly
  • 4 Sheets of stickers and cards for decorating and personalizing your computer

Once you're in the Kano Dashboard you can start learning programming languages such as Javascript and Python by launching one of the many educational applications. Kano-Blocks teaches young people the basics of python programming, applying programming concepts to simple games like Pong. Alternatively, you can dive into learning the ropes with Linux by continuing a 'story mode' that takes the user on a gamified adventure to navigate the inner world of your operating system and computer hardware.

Kano Computers are already being used in schools around the world, with educators and students loving the fun style of tech learning on offer. Check out the Kano Educator Page if you want more information on how to implement it in your classroom or to pick up some lesson plans. 

If you are looking for a screen to add to your kit, Kano has a kit for that too.

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