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JY-MCU Bluetooth to UART Wireless Serial Port Module for Arduino


$10.95 AUD, inc GST
JY-MCU Bluetooth to UART Wireless Serial Port Module for Arduino
10.95 AUD


$10.95 AUD, inc GST
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Download our Product User Guide for a more detailed overview of this product with examples for use with Arduino and Firewing development boards.


  • JY-MCU Bluetooth Wireless Serial Port Module with free extension cable designed for easy use with Arduino boards and the like.
  • Supply voltage can be between 3.6 to 6V DC. IOs are 5V tolerant
  • Easy to connect this module with any standard Bluetooth device, just search and key "1234" passcode.
  • Baud rate: 38400 bps.
  • Module requires no setup.
  • Dimensions: 1.73 in x 0.63 in x 0.28 in (4.4 cm x 1.6 cm x 0.7 cm)



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Product Comments

Customer Reviews

  1. Review by Kaushalya verified purchaser

    Worked out of the box. Great product.
    Core electronics, once again great service as always. (Posted on 13/12/2016)

  2. Review by Michael verified purchaser

    Item as described. (Posted on 5/10/2016)

  3. Review by Ciaran verified purchaser

    Easy to use, worked straight away in my arduino sketches. Much cheaper than other local shops that shall remain unnamed. (Posted on 23/05/2016)

  4. Review by Darcy - Wireless Shapeoko verified purchaser

    Tried to configure JY-MCU for wireless control of my Shapeoko with Arduino UNO running grbl & grblShield. Couldn't run 38400 baud as stated in the description. After some searching I found this page https://github.com/rwaldron/johnny-five/wiki/Getting-Started-with-Johnny-Five-and-JY-MCU-Bluetooth-Serial-Port-Module with a good write up of how to configure the JY-MCU via AT commands. I found that my JY-MCU was configure for 9600 out of the box. I modified the code to set the name to grblBT and the baud rate to 115200. Compile, upload, open serial... and done.

    After connecting the JY-MCU to my Arduino UNO running grbl I can now run my Shapeoko without plugging the USB cable into the Arduino. I like having my laptop electrically isolated from the Arduino and the power supply running the steppers. (Posted on 20/02/2015)

  5. Review by Mark - Awesome. verified purchaser

    An excellant little device. I have always wanted a bluetooth module but most are a little expensive for me. When I saw this one for $11 I couldn't say no. I combined it with a picaxe 08m2 and two continuous rotation servos to make a small robot controlled with my android phone. I will definately be getting some more of these awesome modules. (Posted on 21/09/2014)

  6. Review by JonRB - Great device!

    My first dabble into bluetooth, and my results so have have been great (Apart from escaping from 9600 baud, can't get it to go higher no matter what)!

    The pinouts confused me a little at first (I thought I connected RX to RX and TX to TX on the arduino - oops), but I sorted that out pretty quickly. (Posted on 28/05/2013)

  7. Review by Jason - Bluetooth Module recieved in good condition

    Hi Graham,
    I received the bluetooth module yesterday, which was nice and quick. Great packaging too.

    This is my first Bluetooth project and I'm looking forward to hooking this module up to an 18F series Pic and using my favorite compiler Swordfish to get it talking to an Android phone application that I've been working on.

    I currently make an oil injection controller for Rotary engines (www.eomp.info) and am looking to add an alternative to using the 2 x 16 Alphanumeric LCD display and 3 navigation buttons, my Android application will provide live feedback and the ability to set up any settings from the within the app over Bluetooth, in nice color and with graphics and capacitive touchscreen! you can get Android phones on eBay for $50 now, so I'm inclined to make the Android Operating system my primary GUI for as many projects as possible from now on. Now onto cracking this Bluetooth comms code!!!!

    Cheers Graham!

    (Posted on 14/05/2013)

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