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Show of hands, who loves Raspberry Pi? We all do, and one of the most common questions we get asked is which Raspberry Pi kit is going to best suit my project, which one has the right components in it etc. So today we’re going to be looking at some of our most popular kits for Raspberry Pi, comparing them, and looking and which one is going to be best suited for different projects.

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Which Raspberry Pi Kit Is Best For You

Hey guys, how’re you going? My name is Sam from Core Electronics and today we’re taking a look at which Raspberry Pi is best for you. It’s a question I get asked all the time from you guys so I thought I’d take a look at it head on. So it really depends I guess on what you’re using it for, there’s no way that  we can answer which kit is going to be best for you because it depends what you want to be doing with your Raspberry Pi for example. Now we love Raspberry Pi - hands up if you love Raspberry Pi! - we all love Raspberry Pi, it’s fantastic and getting the right kit is going to really enhance that experience straight out of the box and give you all the bits and pieces you need to get started with your ultimate Raspberry Pi project. So let’s take a look at a couple of the most popular kits that we have. First of all the Raspberry Pi Started Kit, it’s easily the most popular for a good reason. It comes with everything you need to get started with Raspberry Pi. It comes with a Raspberry Pi 3 Board, yep, very cool. It comes with a NOOBS SD card which comes preloaded with the NOOBS software which has Raspbian  preinstalled and comes with the config, NOOBS setup to install heaps of other operating systems if you want, very cool. You get a sweet case, take this white bit off and you get ports for airflow, access to GPIO pins, all that cool stuff which is very very nice. You will also get a HDMI cable and a power supply, this one is white but yours may be black, they come in different colors but do the same thing, very cool. It’s a 5 V 2.5 A power supply which is perfect for powering the Raspberry Pi 3. Now that is everything you need to get started with the Raspberry Pi bar a HDMI display and the reason for this is it’s big and bulky and hard to ship, here’s everything you need. Everyone, well, almost everyone perhaps will have a TV or a computer monitor, some kind of HDMI display it doesn’t matter what size it is, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a computer display or a big fancy TV, it’s still going to work as long as long as it has a HDMI port.

Very cool, now building on that, next we have the Raspberry Pi Prototyping Kit, a very snazzy kit, you get everything in here along with a breadboard and a fist full of jumper wires, these guys, the humble start of all prototyping, they connect points together on your breadboard which is very cool. Perfect for if you want to get started with the Raspberry Pi and connect things up to the GPIO pins, build some circuits and then connect them up, you’ve already got that breadboard in there.  Now the Gaming Kit for RetroPie - a fan favourite because it comes with some controllers!!!!  USB controllers they’re awesome, you can get it with NES controllers instead, you can get it with these new fancy schmanzy  8BitDo Bluetooth controllers so you can game wirelessly. Very cool, and it comes with everything here except instead of a NOOBS card it comes with a RetroPie SD card, so card preloaded with the RetroPie system which allows you to plug it in and get gaming straight away. Comes with a black case, power supply, HDMI cable, Pi board and 2 controllers for multi player. Now the Media Kit, this is also a pretty neat one. Now the Raspberry Pi as  maybe some people don’t know can be set up as a media centre which is awesome, it allows you to stream movies, music, other content, pictures whatever it might be straight to the Raspberry Pi over a network and output to your TV or whatever it may be. You can have an entire video library plugged in on a hard drive and navigate the media centre interface to watch all your videos, everything else, really really cool operating system. Again, much like the RetroPie system, it comes preloaded with an SD card that is preloaded with Kodi, Kodi is very cool. Well openELEC really and Kodi is the substance that pulls it all together, openELEC is a great media centre application and Kodi is awesome, it makes it all work. This time you get a 2 metre HDMI cable and also a wireless keyboard with a touch pad, perfect for sitting on the couch browsing - just what you want.

Alright last but not least is our adventures in Raspberry Pi Book + Parts Kit, now this is a little different , it doesn’t come with the power supply and the Raspberry Pi board and all the rest, instead it comes with everything you need to get started to start playing around with the hardware of the Raspberry Pi. It comes with a projects book, Adventures in Raspberry Pi is one of the most highly regarded projects tutorial books. It’s a fan favourite, people love it for good reason. It walks you straight through everything from getting started to really more complicated projects, really really good. The parts kit is fantastic, it comes with a little tin with some push buttons, some LEDs, a little breadboard, all kinds of different components, everything you’ll need in there to complete your Raspberry Pi hardware project which is very cool. But of course it doesn’t come with the Raspberry Pi or the Power Supply or the case or anything so you’ll need to pick up that as well so perhaps the best pairing if you really want to dive into some hardware prototyping is our Starter Kit and the Adventures in Raspberry Pi Book + Parts Kit, although again if you already have a whole bunch of components lying around at home the Prototyping Kit may be more of what you are after.  So that’s it guys, that’s a quick look at some of our Raspberry Pi Kits, the most popular ones and which one is going to be right for you. So now when you are thinking hmmmmmmm what Raspberry Pi kit should I get? well, you are informed, you know everything that you need to know to make that decision based upon how you would like to use it. Hopefully this info helps guys  with making the decision in your Raspberry Pi adventures and  projects. We’d love to get your thoughts in the comments below, if there are any other kits or bits that you would  love to see bundled with the Raspberry Pi to make some fantastic kits so look forward to seeing those! That’s all for now guys, see you next time :-)