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Videos / Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ Unboxing, Specs and Features

A VERY quick video introducing the new Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+

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Good aye, Graham here from core electronics, Raspberry Pi foundation have just dropped the mic on a brand-new board it's called the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+, that Plus at the end means it's a major revision to their Model B board so let’s do a quick unboxing and check out what this board is all about.
So, here's a boxed Pi 3 + and open it from the side and then here is the new piece of hardware. so, let's do a quick orientation of this board to see what the what the differences are. In fact, I'll grab a Pi 3 the previous Model and we'll put them side-by-side.
So, let's look at the big visual changes between the two boards on the Pi 3 B+ we've got a new BTM chip now it's a very similar to the existing PC on-chip but it also includes some better thermal management and it's a little bit faster it's about 16.6% faster than its predecessor. Over here we've got some new wireless hardware, so we can see that the chip antenna that used to be on the Pi 3 is now gone and we've got this PCB antenna instead. Much of the rest of the board is quite similar between the two of them, but let's put the Pi 3 aside and for those people that are new to Raspberry Pi, I'll just do a quick walk around to show you all the peripherals.
So starting down here we have the power connector again it's 2.5 Amps 5.1 Volts recommended we have the HDMI connector, we have the CSI connector, here we have the 3.5 millimetre 4Pin audio and composite video jack, at the net it is faster than that 300 MB we have the USB 2 still the standard 40 Pin GPiO header, over here we have the display connector.
The bottom of the Raspberry Pi 3 + is much the same but for those who are new - it FYI that's the micro SD card slot for your operating system and file storage and over here we have the RAM.
So, here's the product guide from the Raspberry Pi foundation I'll include a link to this in the description, it's got some wonderful photos of the new board, more importantly, it's got all the features. So, in this first paragraph it really does wrap it up in a nutshell, the core process is running at full 1.4 GB Hertz so that's a 200-MB increase, its dual-band wireless 2.4 GB and 5 GB which includes wireless AC as well, on top of that it's faster at the net and has POV compatibility by up here we HAT. Now it's important to note that that that connected there will be provided for use with the POV HAT. It's worth noting as well that the wireless module does come with a modular compliance certification which is a big deal like if you're building a product around Raspberry Pi, having that that compliance testing reduced to a minimal fashion is a bit of a game changer when it comes to building a commercial product.
So, on page three we have the specifications I won't read through all of them because the first paragraph does sum up the juicy stuff for this new board. Press pause now in the video if you'd like to look at this in more detail or check out the link below and then come on back.
On page four of the document we have the physical specifications now it is the Model B board so it includes all the standard layout that you would expect for the Model B this board will fit in existing Pi3 cases, in fact, the only thing to really be concerned about is this Broadcom chip which is a little bit taller and if for some reason in the unlikely chance that you've designed something in this area over here in your case that the new wireless hardware might interfere with.
So, there you have it some of the new features of the new Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+, this board is so new that they're still getting hands-on with it expect some more guides to come out shortly and if you have any questions leave them below we'll be checking them out answering them and if you want to see more information about this board follow the links in the description and all the best with your projects.