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Videos / Introducing the Bantam Tools Desktop PCB Milling Machine

“The Bantam Tools Desktop PCB Milling Machine is super friendly from an ease-of-use standpoint. It is not daunting for somebody that’s inexperienced. You can walk up to the machine, go through the checklist, and provided you’ve got a good design file of your board, you’re going to get a working PCB off of that machine in a matter of minutes.”

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The sound of the spindle winding up to 26,000 rpm, is the sound of potential energy.

The Bantam Tools desktop PCB milling machine rocks your desktop.

The PCB mill is the essence of building better hardware products, having the ability to make mistakes and recover from them in such a rapid fashion you get almost fearless with what it is that you think you can do.

It removes the need to ask permission you can make finished products on your desktop with professional reliability and precision at an affordable price, that's never been possible before. I've been able to make circuit boards that are just weirder than I would have been able to get away with if I had sent them out.

That's one reason I really like having a milling machine in my arsenal, getting close to that moment where you as a designer see that thing that you've been poring over starts to become real and start to have the potential to work.

Seeing something come into real life I think that's really special. The device that we made before monitoring air pollution we pushed on the engineering to get it small portable and accurate as you're milling it out you're seeing changes that could be made on the next iteration with the vent and tools mill we were able to submit jobs to it as fast as we could design them.

You can be a small scrappy team and you can be just as effective if not more effective and more innovative than a larger company.

This machine allows people to punch above their weight class in terms of making parts, making circuit boards, getting things done. This isn't just going to change the milling industry the work that we're doing at Bantam Tools is going to empower people who are developing the future.