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Videos / Circuit Playground Express Workshop - Chapter 6 - Programming with Arduino

Arduino is the most common programming language amongst maker electronics, and it has the lowest level control of any of the programming languages available to the Circuit Playground.

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Hi, welcome back to the Circuit Playground Express online workshop, in this section we're going to learn about the programming language Arduino.


So, if you're watching this video you probably least heard the word Arduino used before, it's the most widely used programming language for microcontroller boards and it's one of the ways that we can program the Circuit Playground Express. Now Arduino gives you the most control over your Circuit Playground of any of the available programming languages, but the flip side of that coin is it's also the most complicated to program with. Now one of the great things about Arduino is that there are so many people out there, so many makers out there using it creating programs and sharing those programs online and so such a large community of people helping each other out with their code that even though it's the most complicated code programming language to program your Circuit Playground with it also has the most available information and reference and just data out there on how to use it.


So a good programmer doesn't necessarily start every program from a blank file, there's so much shared Arduino programs out there that you can grab bits of code from around the web, tweak them to fit into the program, the way you want and that can keep your designed process fast and fluid without needing to type everything out every time. So when I program, I usually choose to use Arduino because there's so much info out there that even if you run into a program or run into a problem along the way, I've never had a problem finding someone in a form who's running the same issue who's asked the question and gotten an answer and that's one of the great benefits about it.


If you want to learn more about programming with Arduino, we have a whole workshop devoted just to Arduino on online and we have our online tutorials sections, we have lots of Arduino tutorials to work out how to use specific things your Arduino, such as potentiometers sensors or servo motors. That wraps up this chapter on the programming language Arduino stick around in the next chapter we'll learn about crafting housings for your Circuit Playground Express.