Raspberry Pi Generations Up To 2020

Updated 27 September 2021

Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 8GB Looking Very Spiffy IndeedIt is long overdue. Time for a table with all the info comparing every generation and style of Raspberry Pi from the genesis to now! We have come a long way to have our hands on the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 8 GB so it is time we give you the full scoop on each and every Raspberry Pi up to now. The Raspberry Pi is a great machine for learning about how to get to grips with computers and is available at a price that makes it hugely accessible. All the boards discussed here are microprocessors that can fit in the palm of your hand. microprocessor is an integrated circuit that contains all the functions of a central processing unit of a computer which includes an operating system. I have a unique opportunity to dive fully into this technology so come learn about all the details. Below are the contents of this guide.

The company launched in 2012 the Raspberry Pi is now on the eighth year of iteration. As the company has grown they have produced a number of different microprocessors all under the Raspberry Pi name. Now you can buy an impressive selection of different versions and models of the Raspberry Pi. We have simplified most of the common features and specifications below. Thus you can decide which version of  Raspberry Pi board best suits your maker project. Raspberry Pi name their boards based on the generation and on the form-factor / footprint of the board. The current generations of Regular Raspberry Pi boards are Zero, 1, 2, 3 and 4. The original Raspberry 1 had 4 different options: Model A, Model A +, Model B, and Model B +. The B models are the original credit-card sized format. Whereas the current A models have a smaller and more compact footprint, this often means they have reduced connectivity options. Zero models are the most compact of all the Raspberry Boards types and this affects their connectivity. Zero models also come with or without GPIO headers installed.

According to legend the name Raspberry Pi was chosen with Raspberry as an ode to a tradition of naming early computer companies after fruit, and Pi as a reference to the Python programming language. As always if you have any questions, queries or things to add please let us know your thoughts!

Raspberry Pi Generations Table 1 - Speed ​​Specs

Below is a table that will get you up to speed with all computational specifications to do with any model in any generations of the Raspberry Pi up to today. If your holding one in your hands and have not figured out which one it is or what hardware it has this is the table for you. The have loosely been ordered by the release date. Further details on the location of both computing infrastructure and connectivity can be seen in the final section.

Computational Power Details!  Between Each Model


Raspberry Pi Generations Table 2 - Connectivity Specs

Details about each Raspberry Pi Board can be seen in the below table with a particular emphasis on the connectivity types available to each. They have been loosely ordered by release date, same as above table. Further details on the location of both computing infrastructure and connectivity can be seen in the next section below for all the generations of these boards.

Table to end all Connectivity Raspberry Pi Tables


Connectivity and Computing Infrastructure Locations for All Boards

Below is a series of diagrams showing the locations of connections and main integrated circuits for almost all the Raspberry Pi boards. The first four Raspberry Pi boards will be the Model B, then two version of the Model A boards and finally Raspberry Pi Zero boards. A big difference between the most current Models are the dimensions/footprint of the microprocessors.

Model B Raspberry Pi Connector Locations


Model A Raspberry Pi Connector locations

 Model Zero Raspberry Pi Connector Locations


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