Create a Project

We would love to see your project! To make things as -easy- as possible, we use Google Docs to manage the first draft of your project.

Follow these steps:

  • Create a new Google doc by following this URL (free Google account needed)
  • Write-up your project - don't worry about how code snippets and stuff looks, we will apply the polish later!
  • When you are done, send us an email (here's a draft)

That's it! We'll be in touch soon after with store credit (from $50-$200) when it's published on our website. The value of the credit will be:

  • $50 for a published project
  • Up to $150 extra based on our team's joint score of your project behind the scenes (major considerations are creativity and uniqueness)

Some tips:

  • Include a picture that showcases your project (you can paste one into the doc)
  • Spare a thought if your content has enough information for someone else to "give it a go" and/or remix ideas into their own projects
  • Get in touch with us if you have any issues what-so-ever, we're here to help


  • A "published project" is a project that has been reviewed by our team and has been published on our projects page.
  • We are seeking maker type projects (explore existing projects to get a feel of what that means). As important as experimentation is, a complete project is often more involved than experiments of code running on a development board and taking a screenshot or photo of the setup.
  • Sometimes projects do not meet our standards from either a technical, inspirational or accessibility perspective. This doesn't happen often, though if it does then we will let you know why we didn't publish your project. With that in mind, store credit is not guaranteed for every submission. If you are unsure, before preparing your project you can get in touch with us.
  • We check for plagiarism in various ways, do not submit content that has been shared elsewhere which you do not have the rights to do so.
  • If the project is a remix of another project (your own unique remix of it) and if the original content was licensed in any way (Creative Commons, etc) then ensure attribution and any other requirements have been adhered to.

Please continue if you would like to leave feedback for any of these topics:

  • Website features/issues
  • Content errors/improvements
  • Missing products/categories
  • Product assignments to categories
  • Search results relevance

For all other inquiries (orders status, stock levels, etc), please contact our support team for quick assistance.

Note: click continue and a draft email will be opened to edit. If you don't have an email client on your device, then send a message via the chat icon on the bottom left of our website.

Makers love reviews as much as you do, please follow this link to review the products you have purchased.