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Core Electronics - About Us

Hi, I'm Graham, the founder of Core Electronics. I'm an eleven year Air Force Avionics Technician by trade and electronics has always been a hobby on-the-side. The Core Electronics webshop opened it's doors back in 2007; since then we've been powered by DIY electronics and the maker movement. We're absolutely proud to offer you the online experience you see today!

We've brought together all the great ends of the internet and made a catalogue of electronics which I'd like to believe empowers the most innovative makers out there! Our team has grown over the years; you may get to know us as you ask product related questions or interact with us on Facebook. Our team includes Peta (warehouse guru), Louise (accounting and support), Aidan (Arduino + 3D printing), Sam (Raspberry Pi + Particle), Royden (order processing) and myself, Graham (a little bit of everything).

While we launched in East Maitland, we're now located in a spacious warehouse in Newcastle (NSW). Our product line is forever expanding with exciting new products and we look forward to help with your next project any way we can.

Questions, queries? Please contact us today and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.


Graham Mitchell
Founder of Core Electronics




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