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    1. GPS/GPRS/GSM Shield V3.0 (Arduino Compatible) TEL0051 DFRobot Australia

      GPS/GPRS/GSM Shield V3.0 (Arduino Compatible)

      SKU: TEL0051
      This is a GPS/GPRS/GSM shield from DFRobot. This shield with a Quad-band GSM/GPRS engine works on frequencies EGSM 900MHz/DCS 1800MHz and GSM850 MHz/PCS 1900MHz. Learn More
      $158.68 AUD, inc GST
      AUD, inc GST
      delivered by
      Tue 28th of Feb

      $158.68 AUD

    2. SM5100B Evaluation Board CEL-09427 Sparkfun Australia

      SM5100B Evaluation Board

      SKU: CEL-09427
      This is an evaluation board for the SM5100B GSM/GPRS module; everything you need to get started with the cellular module is included on this board. With FTDI’s FT232RL connected up to UART0 of the SM5100B you can send AT commands from a PC terminal straight to the module. Learn More
      $76.12 AUD, inc GST
      AUD, inc GST
      $76.12 AUD
    3. GSM/GPRS Module (Gadgeteer Compatible) TOY0032 DFRobot Australia

      GSM/GPRS Module (Gadgeteer Compatible)

      SKU: TOY0032
      This GSM/GPRS module is .NET Gadgeteer compatible, which uses the .NET Micro Framework to make writing code for your device as easy as writing a desktop, Web or Windows Phone application. Learn More
      $195.87 AUD, inc GST
      AUD, inc GST
      delivered by
      Tue 28th of Feb

      $195.87 AUD

    4. Arduino GSM Shield (antenna connector) A000044 Arduino Australia

      Arduino GSM Shield (antenna connector)

      SKU: A000044
      The Arduino GSM Shield allows an Arduino board to connect to the internet, make/receive voice calls and send/receive SMS messages. Learn More
      $134.28 AUD, inc GST
      AUD, inc GST
      delivered by
      Mon 6th of Mar

      $134.28 AUD

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