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How to use an ESP8266 in the Arduino IDE

In August of 2014 Shanghai-based chip manufacturer, Espressif, released a ultra-cheap Serial to Wi-Fi chip called the ESP-01. At the heart of the ESP01 was an ESP8266 chip broken out into the 8 pins needed to program it via a microcontroller. You cou...

Tags: arduino esp8266 ide wifi

16 Dec 2016

How to network XBee and the Arduino

Want to setup a wireless XBee network between some Arduinos and your PC? We're going to show you how. We will be using Series 1 XBee modules alongside some XBee Explorer USB modules from Sparkfun to set up our own Personal Area Network (PAN). All the...

Tags: arduino network setup x-ctu xbee

7 Dec 2016

How to Use HC-05 Bluetooth Modules

So we’ve taken a look at what Bluetooth is in our Introduction to Bluetooth tutorial, and hopefully, you’ve found our Choosing a Bluetooth Module For Your Project tutorial useful in deciding which Bluetooth module is right for your p...

Tags: at bluetooth connection hc05 wireless

1 Dec 2016

How to Choose a Bluetooth Module For Your Project

Alright, so we know that Bluetooth is awesome, and if you don’t, take a read of our Introduction to Bluetooth tutorial. But how exactly do we go about implementing Bluetooth communication in our projects? Well, fortunately for us, there are Blu...

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29 Nov 2016

Introduction to Bluetooth

Nowadays, everything is going wireless. Phones, computers, game controllers, consoles, everything! Wireless technology has allowed us to use electronic devices with an untethered freedom which just isn’t possible with clunky cables hanging of...

Tags: bluetooth connection wireless

28 Nov 2016

What is the ESP32

The ESP8266 is the Serial to Wi-Fi SOC gaining steam back in August of 2014, no doubt you've heard of it; if not used one yourself. Since then, hundreds of IoT devices were built on this originally-undocumented device. With those projects and product...

Tags: esp32 esp8266 espressif wroom

23 Nov 2016

What are Xbee Modules?

Wi-Fi, as we know it, is a form of wireless communication based on the 802.11 standards as outlined by the IEEE (the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers). If you're paying attention to it, you'll notice an appendage to this standard tha...

Tags: mesh network xbee zigbee

16 Nov 2016