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Natural Disaster Sensor Project for Micro:bit

The Micro:bit is a feature-packed development board that’s perfect for the classroom or the beginner programmer. Each Micro:bit has a built-in radio that can transmit and receive signals sent from other Micro:bits. The radio has a range of up t...

Tags: data logging data plotting microbit motion natural disaster radio sensor stem temperature wind

9 Jul 2018

Natural Disaster Sensor Project with Circuit Playground Express

There is some wild weather approaching! We need a way to give ourselves an early warning when a disaster strikes! In this project, we will use the Adafruit Circuit Playground Express to make an all in one Disaster Detection Station that will detect e...

Tags: adafruit circuit playground express detection disaster natural disaster sensors stem

24 Apr 2018

Sphero SPRK+ Review

If you’re in the education sector or keep up to date with the latest STEM learning tools, then you’ve most likely heard of Sphero. It’s one of the most popular educational products which fuses robotics with imagination and has many ...

Tags: app bluetooth education robotic smart sphero sprk stem

11 Jul 2017

An Educators Perspective - Chibitronics

We have tailored guides on series circuits and basic switches, but that’s not even close to the limit of what you can learn and teach with Chibitronics. The Classroom Pack comes with all the components an educator would need to teach a class o...

Tags: art australia educators electronics stem

12 Jul 2016

Chibitronics at Home - STEM Starter Kit

Now that we have dipped our toes into the Chibitronics environment, let's take a look at a more in-depth kit and see what kind of projects it offers. The Chibitronics STEM starter kit comes with: 1 Circuit Sticker Sketchbook with 5 pro...

Tags: arts crafts education electronics stem

11 Jul 2016

Trying out Chibitronics - Our first paper circuit

We are going to tear open a Chibitronics Intro pack. We will show you guys what's in one and how the sweet simplicity of Chibi-paper-circuit-magic is applied. Grab your Chibitronics Intro Pack and open it up, you will find: 3 White LED circuit st...

Tags: chibi electronics for all ages simple stem young minds

8 Jul 2016

Chibitronics - Crafty circuits for all ages

Technology has become a major part of everyday life. Constant innovations in our everyday technology can force people into a consumer role. What if we could take this consumer mindset and empower it with the foundations of electronics and technology?...

Tags: chibitronics educational kits stem

7 Jul 2016

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