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How To Make and Crimp Custom Connectors

The wires in our circuits are often forgotten when we are planning our next big project, but the right connectors will a make your project look more professional and a lot easier to work with! In this tutorial, we are going to have a quick look at th...

Tags: crimping jst pins prototyping

31 Aug 2018

How to Use Breadboards

Hello makers, if you love to prototype circuits and create electronic designs, then you’ll be familiar with the humble solderless breadboard. It’s where most electronic projects begin and is a familiar sight for tinkerers and inventors. H...

Tags: breadboard prototyping

21 Nov 2016

Soldering 101

Imagine being a builder without a hammer, or a car without a brake, this is kind of useful, but nowhere near as useful as it could be. This is like being a maker/DIY’er/enthusiast without being able to solder. Sure you can breadboard your desig...

Tags: iron prototyping soldering

2 Nov 2016

Prototyping a Circuit: Methods and Tools

Ah prototyping, the backbone of maker electronics, well really all electronics. Any successful device, product, or idea doesn’t just appear as a finished concept, it goes through stages of product and one of those is prototyping. In fact, for m...

Tags: perfboard proto prototyping stripboard

24 Oct 2016

Fritzing for Schematic and PCB Design

Fritzing is a completely free Circuit Design program available across all popular operating systems. The program was designed to support hobbyists, hackers, artists and makers (and all creative minds) in taking the step from concept to prototype to p...

Tags: circuit design fabrication fritzing pcb prototyping

20 Jul 2016

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