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How to Conserve Battery Life with IoT Projects

If you’ve ever created a project that uses batteries, you’ll be well aware how hard it can be to decide on elements in the project which can affect the battery life. You end up ‘umming’ and ‘ahhing’ for ages about ...

Tags: battery consumption efficient iot particle power

2 Aug 2017

Getting Started with Home Automation Using MQTT

What is MQTT? MQTT (Message Queue Telemetry Transport) is a simple and ‘lightweight’ way for internet-connected devices to send each other messages. This is important for home-automation because devices need to send messages back an...

Tags: home automation iot mqtt particle python raspberry pi

14 Feb 2017

PWM Expanders for Particle

Welcome, have you had a good day? Fantastic, unless of course, you haven’t had a good day so far, in which case don’t worry, it’s about to get better! Today we’re going to be learning about adding PWM channels to our microcont...

Tags: electron expander led particle photon pwm

20 Jan 2017

Serial Monitoring with Tera Term

Monitoring what’s happening inside your microcontroller is an invaluable tool for prototyping and debugging. One of the best ways to do this is to send/receive data over a serial port. Most microcontrollers have a serial port that can output UA...

Tags: arduino monitor particle pi raspberry rx serial tera terminal tx uart

20 Jan 2017

Temperature Sensing with Particle

If you’re looking for a platform to create your ideal data-logger, then look no further than Particle. Whether it be that you want to build a weather station, or a movement detection system, thanks to Particle’s 3G and Wi-Fi boards, you c...

Tags: dallas logging one-wire particle sensor station temperature weather

21 Dec 2016

Using Relays with Particle

So, you want to control things with your Particle Photon and/or Electron do you? Well, a relay is a perfect way to do that. Whilst there are many ways to control an electrical signal from digital logic such as transistors and optoisolators, they usua...

Tags: electron particle photon relay shield solenoid switch

14 Dec 2016

Logic Level Converters for Particle

So you’ve got your Particle Photon or Electron, you’ve got your sensors and external components and you’re ready to build an IoT device to make the world your slave. But hang on a minute, the sensor you have only operates on 5V an...

Tags: 3.3v 5v electron level logic particle photon

18 Oct 2016

Using NeoPixels with Particle

Life’s better in colour right? Then why are you still using boring old regular LEDs in your project, when you could be using addressable RGB LEDs. Now LEDS that have Red, Green, and Blue integrated in a single package are nothing new, however t...

Tags: electron led neopixel particle photon rgb

11 Oct 2016

Moving From Arduino to Particle

In case you haven’t noticed, Internet of Things is the phrase on everyone’s lips right now; why make a device, when you can make an IoT device? And the good folks at Particle.io have made it easier than ever to create your own IoT devic...

Tags: arduino cloud electron iot particle photon

5 Oct 2016

Webhooks with Particle.io

Have you ever heard people talk about how amazing the Internet of Things is and how you can leverage the power of the internet by creating IoT devices, but not really known how to get started? This tutorial is for you! We’re going to look at ho...

Tags: cloud electron particle photon webhooks

30 Sep 2016

Getting Started with Particle Internet Button

Slowly but surely the electronics industry is moving away from discrete microcontrollers and towards boards that have sensors and extra functionality built in. This means that rather than buying a microcontroller and then needing to connect a bunch o...

Tags: internet button iot particle photon

30 Sep 2016

Create a Smartphone App for Particle Without Coding

By now you’re probably loving the platform that is Particle and all these crazy ideas of how to create the next big IoT thing (Internet of Things thing…hmm), but for many inventors, the stumbling block is integrating your creation, with ...

Tags: app blynk electron iot particle photon

27 Sep 2016

Remote Sensing with Particle Electron

Hey guys, how much fun are microcontrollers? They’re your own miniature slave to do your bidding in whatever way you choose, however as fun and all as using them to do math and crunching numbers, the real joy is seeing them interact with the ou...

Tags: electron iot particle sensor

23 Sep 2016

Graphic OLED Displays with Particle

Note that the digital artifacts on the screenare from the camera used to capture and not the screen itself How many great artworks or photos have you seen that consist of just lines of characters; words and numbers? Very few. It’s true that ...

Tags: displays electron graphic iot oled particle photon

13 Sep 2016

Working with the Particle IDE

In case you haven’t heard, the Internet of Things (IoT) is upon us. More and more devices everyday are being connected to the internet to communicate to people and other devices. Particle have seen the DIY/maker community’s desire for eas...

Tags: electron ide iot particle photon

12 Sep 2016

Put the Internet to Work with IFTTT & Particle

We’re in a golden age of connectivity, the internet we know today has given us the tools to connect anything to anything, and now with the platform brought to us by Particle, DIYers everywhere can connect the creations up to this vast network...

Tags: electron ifttt iot particle photon

9 Sep 2016

Character Displays with Particle

Crunching numbers is fine, but sometimes you really need to visualise what’s going on in the tiny brain of your Photon. There are numerous different ways to visualise data or text on a microcontroller from binary LEDs, to HDMI displays, however...

Tags: character display electron iot lcd oled particle photon

6 Sep 2016

Getting Started with Particle Electron

In another tutorial we looked at the Photon board from Particle, and whilst Wi-Fi is awesome for many applications, it restricts you to a localised connection. Particle have once again come to rescue and provided us with a cellular solution, the Elec...

Tags: beginner cloud electron iot particle

3 Aug 2016

Getting Started with Particle Photon

When you first look at the Photon, it’s staggering that such a small device could possess the incredible functionality that it does, but not only does it bring an impress spec sheet to the table, but the true power is unlocked in the cloud base...

Tags: beginner cloud iot particle photon

2 Aug 2016

Welcome to Particle.io

What a time to be alive! It’s never been easier to get into electronics and programming with platforms like Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Chibitronics and many more. These platforms are great, but with the Internet of Things (IoT) becoming more and mo...

Tags: beginner cloud electron iot particle photon tinker

1 Aug 2016

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