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How to Update Firmware on Rigol Oscilloscopes

This tutorial will show you how to update the software on your Rigol Oscilloscope. This will unlock the latest features as well as solve some bugs. What you will need. Rigol Digital OscilloScope (1054Z or 1104Z) USB thumb drive (any will do) ...

Tags: firmware oscilloscope rigol

19 Oct 2018

Our Rigol DS1104Z Oscilloscope Review

The 4-channel Rigol DS1104Z oscilloscope is a 100MHz powerhouse. The DS1104Z is almost identical to its little brother, the DS1054Z, but brings to the table twice the bandwidth. The 1000Z line of oscilloscopes from Rigol is one of our fa...

Tags: oscilloscope review rigol

11 Jul 2017

Our Rigol DS1054Z Oscilloscope Review

The quality and features in entry-level 'scopes has made a huge jump in recent years - In a nutshell, the 4-channel Rigol DS1054Z oscilloscope delivers tremendous bang for your buck.  The DS1054Z is so well outfitted, I'd be happy if...

Tags: oscilloscope review rigol

29 Jun 2017

Oscilloscope Triggers: A quick what and how

So we have vertical graphing of voltage and horizontal sweep, but our signal is just going to go bananas on our screen if we don't sweep at the same point in the waveform. That's where triggers come in, allowing us multiple ways to fix our signal t...

Tags: dso operation oscilloscope triggers

30 Aug 2016

Our Recommendation for your first Benchtop Oscilloscope

You’ve been working on that project for days, even weeks, and you’ve gone through all the steps of the process; meticulously ensuring everything is above board. And yet, for some unexplainable reason, your circuit is acting out. Naturall...

Tags: beginner oscilloscope tools

25 Aug 2016

When to buy an MSO, a DSO or a Logic Analyser

So you have decided to go ahead and purchase your first piece of testing equipment and you have been met with a vast market of oscilloscopes. We informed you guys as best we could on the specifications to look out for in our guide on digital storage ...

Tags: ds dso logic analyser mso oscilloscope

24 Aug 2016

A guide to Digital Storage Oscilloscopes (DSOs)

An Oscilloscope is a particularly versatile piece of test and measuring equipment. They will (very accurately) display a graph of voltage change over time, allowing us to observe how voltage changes across a circuit in real time! We call these observ...

Tags: ds dso oscilloscope rigol

23 Aug 2016

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