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Hello World with the OLED FeatherWing

The OLED Featherwing by Adafruit is a particularly interesting Wing; it gives you a 128x32 monochrome OLED display right on top of your feather board. There's also three buttons to use that are internally connected to your MCU and accessible via the ...

Tags: display featherwing gfx hello world oled

17 Nov 2016

Graphic OLED Displays with Particle

Note that the digital artifacts on the screenare from the camera used to capture and not the screen itself How many great artworks or photos have you seen that consist of just lines of characters; words and numbers? Very few. It’s true that ...

Tags: displays electron graphic iot oled particle photon

13 Sep 2016

Character Displays with Particle

Crunching numbers is fine, but sometimes you really need to visualise what’s going on in the tiny brain of your Photon. There are numerous different ways to visualise data or text on a microcontroller from binary LEDs, to HDMI displays, however...

Tags: character display electron iot lcd oled particle photon

6 Sep 2016

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