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OctoPrint Integration with Cura 2.6+ Lulzbot Edition

OctoPrint Integration is one of my favourite new features in Cura 2.6+: LulzBot Edition. In short, this integration means that you can print and control your 3D Printer via it's OctoPrint server. All from within your slicer window on your PC. The cur...

Tags: cura 2.6 octoprint

23 Feb 2018

Setting up your OctoPi Kit

So you have just received your OctoPi kit and you are looking to get it up and running. All you need to do is grab out all the parts you received and around 20 minutes of time. To connect your OctoPi to the network you need to decide what network in...

Tags: octopi kit octoprint

29 Jun 2016

Remote 3D Printing with OctoPi

Remote control of your 3D printer is a particularly appealing concept, especially if you've been forced into printing via USB in the past. Using your new 3D printer should be as simple as plugging it in, uploading some G-Code and pressing 'Print'. Ho...

Tags: octopi octoprint printer host raspberry pi

22 Jun 2016

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