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An Introduction to Makeblock

Makeblock is a company with education at the forefront of its priorities. They introduce mechanical design, and software development to robotics in a way analogous to Lego, that is to say, they aim to educate the student by encouraging creativity in ...

Tags: beginner guide introduction makeblock robotics

22 Feb 2018

Cura 2: Lulzbot Edition for Intermediate Users

After some serious touch time your LulzBot 3D Printer and the quick print options in Cura 2, it's more than likely that you want to make more specific changes to the way 3D Models are printed. Whether it be, changing the support type and style to mak...

Tags: cura 2 expert settings guide

13 Feb 2018

Cura 2: LulzBot Edition - An Overview for Beginners

Now that we are all on track with our Slicer software, having just installed Cura 2 and upgraded our printer firmware, let's work on turning some 3D Model files into G-Code for our 3D Printer to create. We're going to be using our LulzBot Mini to sli...

Tags: beginner cura 2 guide

6 Feb 2018

How to get started with Circuit Playground

Have you heard about the Circuit Playground? It's the new all-in-one electronics platform from Adafruit. It was created to bring all the fun features of electronics and physical computing to makers, but It's dead-simple to use, solderless and ...

Tags: circuit playground guide setup

6 Dec 2016

Choosing a Benchtop Power Supply

If you're looking for a benchtop power supply, but you're unsure of what you should be looking for in a decent supply for your workspace, we have got you covered with this guide. We will look at the specifications to look out for in a power supply an...

Tags: benchtop equipment guide laboratory power supply

18 Oct 2016

3D Printing Filament Guide

There are a wide range of filaments available in FDM 3D printing; it’s easy to get lost in all the abbreviations, acronyms, and temperatures. We’ve decided to bring together the most relevant information when selecting filament for y...

Tags: filament guide lulzbot

20 Sep 2016

Cura: 3D printing software for your Lulzbot Printer

Once you setup your printer and finish printing your first rocktopus, you will inevitably want to move onto more ambitious prints right away. It’s understandable, all the possibilities all at once, I get it. We are going to step you through the...

Tags: beginner cura guide lulzbot tutorial

30 Jun 2016

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