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Pycom FiPy Getting Started

Say you want to build a sun-tracking solar panel. You could add a tiny computer, like an Arduino, to control it. That might be all you need. But what if you need to connect to it to control it from somewhere else? Connecting it into your home Wi-Fi w...

Tags: bluetooth cat-m1 cellular lte fipy lora lorawan nb-iot pycom sigfox wifi

10 Jul 2018

Pycom FiPy Overview

This is the Big Daddy of the Pycom range of devices. The Pycom FiPy has all these connection capabilities (with one tiny caveat): Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n 16Mbps LoRa (all regions, not 433MHz) Sigfox Cellular LTE (Cat-M1/NB-IoT) Bluetooth Low Energy ...

Tags: bluetooth cat-m1 cellular fipy lora lorawan lte nb-iot pycom sigfox wifi

9 Jul 2018

IoT with LoRaWAN, Pycom, The Things Network & Node-RED

In our two previous Pycom articles we covered Building a LoRaWAN Nano Gateway to The Things Network, and creating Your First LoRaWAN Node on The Things Network. In these articles we used the mighty powerful Pycom LoPy (part of the Pycom range) to bui...

Tags: fipy lopy lora lorawan node-red pycom the things network ttn

6 Jul 2018

Your First LoRaWAN Node on The Things Network

In the lasts article we looked at Building a LoRaWAN Nano Gateway to The Things Network. There wasn't a lot to do there. We put together the Pycom hardware, configured The Things Network to see our Pycom device as a Gateway, then we took code supplie...

Tags: fipy internet of things lopy lora lorawan pycom the things network

12 Jun 2018

Building a LoRaWAN Nano Gateway to The Things Network

warning: this is a "nano" gateway and not intended for long-term use on the TTN. It's a just-for-fun tutorial that we wanted to explore and share how things went, but there are gotchas. This gateway will only operate on 3-channels. Also, nodes (remot...

Tags: fipy lopy lora lorawan pycom the things network ttn

11 Jun 2018

Pycom GPy & FiPy Cellular LTE Firmware Update

There are three levels of firmware upgrades that are required on Pycom gear. First, performing an upgrade on the firmware of any of the Pycom microcontrollers is a simple affair. Download the Pycom Firmware Update application as linked in the documen...

Tags: cat m1 cat nb1 emtc fipy gpy nb-iot pycom sequans monarch sqn3330

31 May 2018

Pycom GPy Getting Started

The main thing I want you to get out of this project is this: upon completion you will have cellular data connected to your Internet of Things device! LoRa, Sigfox, Bluetooth and WiFi can't compete with cellular data for coverage, speed and...

Tags: cat-m1 cellular expansion board 3.0 fipy gpy iot lte pycom

28 May 2018

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