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How to Use DC Regulators/Converters

So, you might have the best project in the world, an amazing idea and design, but no matter how clever your circuitry or how advanced your prototype is, unless you can power your project correctly, it all counts for nothing. Often you will need diffe...

Tags: boost buck converter linear regulator switching zener

358 6 Dec 2016

How to Use a Logic Level Shifter/Converter

So you’ve got your microcontroller/development board ready to go, you’ve got your sensors and external components and you’re ready to build an IoT device to make the world your slave. But hang on a minute, the sensor you have only o...

Tags: 3.3v 5v converter level logic shifter

570 5 Dec 2016

Programming with USB-Serial Converters

Thanks to huge advancements in technology over the last decade, the maker community that we know and love has thrived. It’s now easier than ever before to get started with programming and tinkering due to the innovation from brands such as Ardu...

Tags: arduino converter ftdi programming serial ttl usb

765 1 Nov 2016

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