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How to Use HC-05 Bluetooth Modules

So we’ve taken a look at what Bluetooth is in our Introduction to Bluetooth tutorial, and hopefully, you’ve found our Choosing a Bluetooth Module For Your Project tutorial useful in deciding which Bluetooth module is right for your p...

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1 Dec 2016

How to Choose a Bluetooth Module For Your Project

Alright, so we know that Bluetooth is awesome, and if you don’t, take a read of our Introduction to Bluetooth tutorial. But how exactly do we go about implementing Bluetooth communication in our projects? Well, fortunately for us, there are Blu...

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29 Nov 2016

Introduction to Bluetooth

Nowadays, everything is going wireless. Phones, computers, game controllers, consoles, everything! Wireless technology has allowed us to use electronic devices with an untethered freedom which just isn’t possible with clunky cables hanging of...

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28 Nov 2016

Wi-Fly with Feather Boards

I’ll level with you; the idea of microcontrollers and wireless networks was a little daunting to me initially. How on earth was I going to connect and control it with Wi-Fi?! But when I eventually I waded into the world of networking microcontr...

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11 Nov 2016

Rigol's PC software: Ultra-Sigma and beyond

The ability to connect your test equipment to a local PC is invaluable. It allows monitoring and the use of your equipment via a PC interface. That includes coveted mouse/keyboard control! This control centre capability is essential when you have man...

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7 Sep 2016

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