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How to Use Speakers and Amplifiers with Your Project

A popular question that we get all the time is ‘How do I choose a speaker or amplifier to go with my project?’. It’s a good question, and if you’re not familiar with the terminology, it can seem a bit daunting to know whether ...

Tags: amplifier analogue audio mono music speaker stereo

3 Aug 2017

Digital to Analogue Conversion with Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi right? It’s amazing! Raspberry Pi has taken the world by storm and changed the way that people think about computing. The Raspberry Pi 3 builds on this with some amazing new features, however one feature that is still absent is the...

Tags: analogue beginner dac digital gpio pwm raspberry pi

23 Jun 2016

Analog Electronics Crash Course

Welcome to our beginners tutorial on analog electronics. Living in the digital age that we do, it’s easy to disregard the world of discrete analog components, however these concepts form the basis for everything from your mobile phone, to space...

Tags: analogue capacitors diodes resistors transistors

27 May 2016

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