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Tune your First Layer - Z Offsets

Out of the box, a LulzBot 3D Printer comes tuned to perform exactly as you need it to. But over time we flash new firmwares, take our printers cross country, swap tool heads, perform cold pulls and a whole swathe of other things that could slowly tak...

Tags: 3d printing first layer z-offset

8 Oct 2018

3D Printing for the Circuit Playground

You’ve made yourself a great project for your Circuit Playground Express, now all you need is a box to put it in. How do you keep your Circuit Playground safe in a housing while still being able to press the buttons and use the sensors? Design ...

Tags: 3d 3d printing adafruit box circuit playground express fusion360 housing

6 Jun 2018

Designing FDM 3D Printed Parts for Manufacture

Recently, we've talked a lot about Slicing software, settings, materials and the like. It's time to take a deeper dive into the actual design of model files. We've got a basics guide for Computer Aided Design available here. We're going to help expla...

Tags: 3d printing cad design fdm manufacture

14 Mar 2018

Unleash your creativity: 3D Printing with Soluble Supports

Recently, we got a brand new Dual Extruder v3 Tool Head from LulzBot and took a dive into the design of it, mainly, what makes it so great for Dual Extrusion with our 3D Printers. First, a quick recap, Dual Extruding is the process of using two filam...

Tags: 3d printing dual extruder soluble filament

23 Jan 2018

Unconstrained 3D Printing with LulzBot's Dual Extruder v3

Dual Extruding with FDM 3D Printers is typically reserved for the most expert-level makers. By adding the ability to print with 2 materials, you open yourself up to a spread of conditions that simply didn't exist with a single extruder setup. But tho...

Tags: 3d printing dual extruder soluble filament

16 Jan 2018

Tips for Installing your Lulzbot TAZ 6 Enclosure

With winter currently in full swing, there's a particularly annoying 3D printing problem that is rearing its ugly head, Warping. For those who don't know, warping is what happens when parts of a printed model shrink due to cold drafts across the heat...

Tags: 3d printing enclosure printedsolid warping

14 Jul 2017

3D Printing Cheat Sheet

Wouldn't it be great to have a single image, that encapsulated a tonne of handy 3D printing tips and information to hang on the wall behind your 3D Printer? Well, we agree so much so that we've gone ahead and created this infographic/cheat sheet hybr...

Tags: 3d printing cheat sheet poster

12 Jul 2017

The Lulzbot 3D Printers: Mini vs Taz

Hailing from Aleph Objects in Loveland, Colorado, the Lulzbot range of 3D printers are world renown for their quality, reliability and ease of use. The reason they're so popular? Apart from the gilded Lulzbot technical support (practically 24/7 World...

Tags: 3d printing differences mini taz

19 Jun 2017

Our Review of the MOARstruder by Lulzbot

Toolheads for your 3D printer come in all shapes and sizes. The different models available from Lulzbot are all designed with a specific purpose in mind, usually to add a filament type to your 3D printing repertoire. Dual extruders enable you to prin...

Tags: 3d printing extruders lulzbot moarstruder

2 Feb 2017

Geting Started with CAD for 3D Printing

If you've picked yourself up a 3D printer, you've no doubt printed yourself a heap of models from Thingiverse by now. It's great fun and the best way to learn how to control the options you have available through Cura; scaling, rotating and tweaking ...

Tags: 3d design 3d printing cad

1 Dec 2016

Your First Print with a Lulzbot 3D Printer

Once you receive and unbox your Lulzbot machine you might be so eager to print things, you skip a few steps in the setup process and all of a sudden you are having all sorts of difficulties that you can’t understand. It happens, what you need i...

Tags: 3d printing beginner first print

23 Sep 2016

How 3D Printing Works

3D Printing is one of the ways we can turn virtual 3-dimensional models into real world objects. It is an Additive manufacturing (AM) process, building models layer by layer. AM is the opposite of subtractive manufacturing which takes a block of mate...

Tags: 3d printing fdm filament lulzbot

21 Jun 2016

3D Printing Workshop

Welcome to the 3D Printing Workshop! I'm Aidan from Core Electronics and in this workshop we are going to take a hands-on journey into the exciting technology that is 3D printing. I have personally spent the past 12 months immersing myself into eve...

Tags: 3d printing workshop

13 Feb 2016

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