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Our littleBits Gizmos and Gadgets Kit (2nd Edition) Review

The new Gizmos and Gadgets revision 2.0 from littleBits is here and we've decided to review the kit for any budding inventors (or inventor's parents) out there. The v1.0 kit was impressive enough, we were interested to see what littleBits could have ...

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18 Jan 2017

Our littleBits Rule Your Room Kit Review

"Yes, I would recommend this a friend." That's the verdict of 90% of people who pick up the Rule your Room Kit from littleBits. We love it so much, we're most definitely recommending it to you and your family. But you don't need to take our word f...

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17 Jan 2017

What is the better tech, innoBits or littleBits?

We get a lot of interest from parents and educators surrounding littleBits and innobits. Especially the difference between the two products. Both are magnetically connected electronic building blocks. Both products empower people to invent and create...

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30 Nov 2016

LittleBits Community & the Workshop Set

LittleBits have launched a global network of organizations to share and spread the word of littleBits. It's all to put the power of electronics in the hands of everyone. The 'chapters' are simply locations such as maker spaces and libraries, all arou...

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15 Sep 2016

littleBits for Educators

Professional development, educator’s discounts, classroom kits teamed with hundreds of pages of supporting content and lesson plans. This is what you get when you decide to bring littleBits to the classroom. All the drudgery has been taken care...

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14 Sep 2016

littleBits at home

Ever looked at an appliance or computer around the house and thought "I have no idea how this works" then silently wishing you had learned more about it growing up? Ayah Bdeir, CEO and founder of littleBits, not only recognizes this attitude but went...

Tags: educational kit littlebits toys

13 Sep 2016

littleBits in Australia!

Fun, educational blocks which educate on the fundamentals of electronics without swamping young minds min­­utia of electrical theory. That is the very core of what littleBits offers with their sensational range of products. But what is lit...

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9 Sep 2016