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Our tips for using NiMH Batteries

NiMH is an abbreviation for Nickel-Metal Hydride. NiMH batteries are some of the most common rechargeable batteries we see in consumer electronics. Due to their superior tech, NiMH batteries have taken over Nickel Cadmium Battery applications. As the...

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398 13 Jan 2017

Snap Circuits makes Electronics Fun and Educational

From breadboarding to soldering, the way we connect our components is critical to ending up with a working circuit. Before the new-age tech startups like littleBits and innoBits came along with their magnetic clip-together building blocks, there was ...

Tags: educational kits snap circuits

312 14 Dec 2016

How to Use DC Regulators/Converters

So, you might have the best project in the world, an amazing idea and design, but no matter how clever your circuitry or how advanced your prototype is, unless you can power your project correctly, it all counts for nothing. Often you will need diffe...

Tags: boost buck converter linear regulator switching zener

426 6 Dec 2016

All About Electrical Switches

On and Off. It’s the basis for all electronics, from the most sophisticated computer network to a simple circuit. Electronics is all about using one thing, to control another, input and output, on and off. Even the transistors inside modern com...

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531 16 Nov 2016

Power Supplies for your Project

Ever had the issue where you have dozens of old phone chargers and appliance plug packs piled up in a rats nest of AC-to-DC mayhem? We tend to breeze right past these square, black power supplies, not knowing what's happening under the hood. Plug Pac...

Tags: ac dc dc dc plug pack power supplies wall wart

699 3 Nov 2016

Powering Portable Projects: Batteries

Want to make your project portable? We've put together a quick guide to get you up to speed on battery options and help you decide which batteries might be best for your project. Batteries are a whole different game to plug packs and benchtop power s...

Tags: alkaline batteries battery lipo nicad nimh portable power supply

799 3 Nov 2016

Our tips for using LiPo Batteries

Lithium Polymer (abbreviated LiPo) batteries are one of the most useful cells we see used in electronics. Typically used in mobile phones, RC models, and other small electrical appliances; their flat, pouch-like package design makes them perfect for ...

Tags: charging lipo powerboost safety

1038 3 Nov 2016

All About LEDs

Hello and welcome to our tutorial where we a look at all things LED. Now first of all, what is an LED? LED stands for Light Emitting Diode and is an electronic component used to convert electrical energy to light energy. This process is called electr...

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791 31 Oct 2016

Analog Electronics Crash Course

Welcome to our beginners tutorial on analog electronics. Living in the digital age that we do, it’s easy to disregard the world of discrete analog components, however these concepts form the basis for everything from your mobile phone, to space...

Tags: analogue capacitors diodes resistors transistors

1382 27 May 2016