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  1. Flush Cutters - Hakko TOL-11952 Sparkfun Australia

    Flush Cutters - Hakko

    SKU: TOL-11952
    These are our new and improved flush cutters, giving you a way to cut leads very cleanly and close to the solder joint. Diagonal cutters are good, but if you really need to get up close and personal, flush cutters are the way to go. They have a nice spring-action and a comfy grip. Plus, the color combination of red and black is fetching, I must say. Learn More
    $11.54 AUD, inc GST
    AUD, inc GST
    delivered by
    Tue 21st of Feb

    $11.54 AUD

  2. Diagonal Cutters TOL-08794 Sparkfun Australia

    Diagonal Cutters

    SKU: TOL-08794
    Mini Diagonal Cutters. These are great little cutters! A must have for clipping leads and extra solder tails. 4" long. Learn More
    $2.70 AUD, inc GST
    AUD, inc GST
    delivered by
    Tue 21st of Feb

    $2.70 AUD

  3. Flush diagonal cutters - CHP170 ADA152 Adafruit Australia

    Flush diagonal cutters - CHP170

    SKU: ADA152
    These are the best diagonal cutters, large super-comfortable grip to use and have strong nippers for perfect trimming of wires and leads. I've used my pair every .. read more Learn More
    $15.50 AUD, inc GST
    AUD, inc GST
    delivered by
    Mon 27th of Feb

    $15.50 AUD

  4. Electronic Snippers TOL-10447 Sparkfun Australia

    Electronic Snippers

    SKU: TOL-10447
    While our small diagonal cutters are great for hobby use, sometimes you need something with a little more bite. These electronic snippers are great for cutting wires and component leads. They have a cushioned handle which makes them much more comfortable to use. These pliers are great if you’re looking for something a little better than hobby grade. Learn More
    $25.91 AUD, inc GST
    AUD, inc GST
    $25.91 AUD

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