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  1. T1 (3mm) Red LED with Red Diffused Lens POLOLU-1070 Pololu in Australia - Express Delivery Australia Wide

    T1 (3mm) Red LED with Red Diffused Lens

    SKU: POLOLU-1070
    | Brand: Pololu
    This is a basic, general-purpose red LED in a standard T1 (3mm) package with 0.1" lead spacing. Learn More
    $0.25 AUD, inc GST
    AUD, inc GST

    $0.25 AUD

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    This project aims to fuse neopixel strips with papier mache and origami into a free-standing electro-sculpture. The freestanding structure is formed from wire mesh and papier mache. It is then painted and wired up with strips of LEDs connected to an RPi3+Teensy+OctoWS2811 Adapter + Power Supply. The entire LED covered surface is then covered in a diffuser created from modular origami elements glued together. Finally, some VJ sof...

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    This project logs temperature and pressure observations to a ThingSpeak channel using an ESP8266 WiFi module.

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    This project uses a waterproof ds18b20 sensor to log pool water temperature to an SD card and displays the temperature on an LCD.

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    I used an Arduino and a US-100 ultrasonic sensor to make an extremely low-cost tide gauge. This project measures the tide by sensing the distance to water using a US-100 ultrasonic sensor. The device has a 3D printed base and uses a peanut butter jar to create a waterproof housing. The 3D printed base fits atop a PVC tube which acts as a stilling well to dampen wave effects. Timestamped data is logged to a mi...

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