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  1. Arduino MKR1000 DEV-14394 Sparkfun Australia - Express Delivery Australia Wide

    Arduino MKR1000

    SKU: DEV-14394
    | Brand: Sparkfun
    The Arduino MKR1000 is a powerful board that combines the functionality of an Arduino Zero and a handy WiFi shield. This thin board has been designed to offer a .. read more Learn More
    $70.60 AUD, inc GST
    AUD, inc GST

    $70.60 AUD

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Tutorialsshow all tagged bbc data data logging logging microbit openlog sparkfun

  1. Data Logging with the Micro:bit and OpenLog

    The Micro:bit by BBC is a great data collection tool, it just needs a little help remembering what it has measured! This tutorial is made for those Micro:bit projects where transmitting your sensor data over radio or Bluetooth to a computer just won&...

    tags: bbc data data logging logging microbit openlog sparkfun

  2. What is Teensy?

    Hey guys, today is the day where we introduce you to another piece of mind-blowingly awesome technology known as Teensy. Simply put, Teensy is a brand of microcontroller development boards created by PJRC and designed by the co-owner, Paul Stoffreg...

    tags: arduino arm pjrc teensy

  3. Teensy Boards Compared

    Hello everyone, how awesome are the Teensy boards from PJRC? Super awesome. And as with any product that has been around for a few years, and gone through various iterations, there’s now a few different boards to choose from, which can make i...

    tags: arm pjrc teensy

  4. Using USB and Bluetooth Controllers with Python

    The Raspberry Pi is an amazing piece of technology, and it’s the platform of choice for all kinds of projects. Something that makes it great is the integration of complex hardware that is taken care of for you. For example, if you wanted to use...

    tags: bluetooth connect controller gamepad pi python raspberry usb

  5. Maintaining a Project with Git

    Let's have a very quick look at Git and Github - Git is an enormous topic, so this won't be an exhaustive tutorial but by the end of it we'll have a working knowledge of basic git workflow. I'll be showing this tutorial on a Raspberry Pi, ...

    tags: git raspberry pi

  6. Flash MicroPython Onto An ESP32

    The ESP32 family of microcontrollers are incredibly powerful (2 Cores on a Microcontroller!) and when combined with the awesome writability of MicroPython can be used for all kinds of projects. The ESP32 generally does not come with MicroPython flas...

    tags: esp32 firmware micropython software update update esp32

  7. I SPI with Raspberry Pi

    I SPI with my Raspberry Pi, something beginning with…S! Serial-Peripheral-Interface (SPI)! Welcome to our Raspberry Pi SPI communication tutorial. Today we’re going to look at how to use the SPI bus on our Raspberry Pi to communicate w...

    tags: beginner gpio raspberry pi spi

  8. Using Copper Tape with Paper Circuits

    What is a Paper Circuit? STEM technology has evolved into all kinds of fantastic forms with many brands bringing craft and electronics together in new and innovative ways. There’s plenty of products which make use of ‘paper circuits&rsqu...

    tags: circuit copper craft paper tape wearable

  9. How to Install and Setup Python on Onion Omega 2

    In this installment of our Onion Omega2 tutorial series, we will cover the basic steps necessary to install and run python on the Omega2 or Omega2+. We'll cover how to install python or python3, how to install python modules and finally, we'll write...

    tags: install light modules omega omega2 onion pip python python3 setup

  10. Teensy 3.5 & 3.6 Review

    When Teensy was first released, it was a revelation to the maker community. It brought together the power of ARM processors and the simplicity that is the Arduino IDE. Building upon that platform, Paul Stoffregen, the man behind PJRC continued to inn...

    tags: arm pjrc teensy

Projectsshow all tagged led matrix pixel panel snake vu display

  1. HUGE LED Pixel Panel

    I’ve always been fascinated by LED screens and seeing beautiful colours mix and merge to create vibrant displays. I also love games, so what better way to combine the two than a giant LED pixel matrix which can play games, display audio levels, really anything you can think of. It uses a Raspberry Pi to controller strips of digital LEDs mounted inside a pixel grid with a diffuser mounted on top. It requires some basic wood...

    tags: led matrix pixel panel snake vu display screen apa102 dotstar raspberry pi

  2. Mass SD card Image Writer

    We've built a mass SD card writer using a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B, some USB hubs and SD card readers. This beast has enough ports to write 49 SD cards at once! At Core Electronics, sometimes logistics hang-ups mean that suppliers cannot meet our demand for pre-flashed SD cards. During these periods we have to pick up the slack by manually imaging blank SD cards we source ourselves. Of course, this is a super-tedious process, and ...

    tags: raspberry pi sd card automation

  3. Wefted Waveforms

    This project aims to fuse neopixel strips with papier mache and origami into a free-standing electro-sculpture. The freestanding structure is formed from wire mesh and papier mache. It is then painted and wired up with strips of LEDs connected to an RPi3+Teensy+OctoWS2811 Adapter + Power Supply. The entire LED covered surface is then covered in a diffuser created from modular origami elements glued together. Finally, some VJ sof...

    tags: raspberry pi 3 b teensy 3.6 octows2811 adapter

  4. Basic Weather Station

    The aim of this project was to provide a cost effective and basic weather station for my backyard that can upload readings to Weather Underground. Part 2 of the project will be using this local data to trigger activities in and around my house.

    tags: weather station wunderground raspberry pi temperature humidity sensor

  5. House Power and Solar Monitor

    I’ve had a Current Cost Power Monitor for a number of years which worked well until we put solar on the roof. The Current Cost can’t determine which direction the power is flowing and so power generation and consumption are added together on the Current Cost display rendering it unusable. The solution I came up with is actually two projects that communicate via RF. Arduino Yun connects to the Current Cost via the ...

    tags: arduino rf current cost xantrex

  6. Coffee Grinder With Arduino

    Using a few bits and pieces, this ordinary coffee grinder now has two presets to run the motor for a programmable length of time. The idea being that the grinder running for a set amount of time will deliver a certain amount of coffee each button press meaning the beans can be stored unground, keeping them fresher for longer. I completed this project for a friend, Ian, who lives for coffee. Ian wanted the same functionality in h...

    tags: coffee modification arduino coffee grinder lcd

  7. AWS Lambda with Temperature data and the ESP32

    In this project, I'm using an esp32 board combined with a thermistor, plus an Amazon Web Services Lambda API plus some web charting code for temperature sensing. Source code can be found in the GitHub repository: https://github.com/AcrossTheCloud/temperature-iot...

    tags: esp32 adafruit iot aws

  8. Racing Simulator Motion Platform

    Hi. My son and I have made our first Racing Simulator Motion Platform. It has been a challenge but we now have a playable situtation

    tags: simulator jrk racing

  9. Arduino Tide Gauge

    I used an Arduino and a US-100 ultrasonic sensor to make an extremely low-cost tide gauge. This project measures the tide by sensing the distance to water using a US-100 ultrasonic sensor. The device has a 3D printed base and uses a peanut butter jar to create a waterproof housing. The 3D printed base fits atop a PVC tube which acts as a stilling well to dampen wave effects. Timestamped data is logged to a mi...

    tags: arduino tide ocean water us100 ultrasonic

  10. IoT Soundscape

    I had been captivated by the sound levels of trains I could hear passing by Metford throughout the day/night. I wondered if a sound level sensor reporting data back over LoRa would help me understand when a train was noisy. I also like the idea of seeing or visualising a problem, in this case, an ambient sound level. As you deconstruct a problem it consists of information & that information consists of data. As such, if I cou...

    tags: iot soundscape sound sensor microphone pycom lopy4 lora lorawan