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Tabot is a robotic tablet dispenser. It is designed to help elderly people maintain their independence and help anyone who has tablets remember to take them on time.

Project Description

https://www.gofundme.com/tabot-helping-the-elderly Please vist this website to help fund this project

I'm a young inventor/DIY-er and I was recently visiting my grandparents and was responsible for helping care for them while they were on holidays. While away on holidays the carer accidentally gave my grandfather the wrong tablets at the wrong time. He was ok. I would like to help reduce the occurrence of this event which could, in certain circumstances, be fatal. I have created what we have called a Tabot. It is an automatic pill dispenser and reminder. The carer once a week will fill the Tabot and leave it in the residence of the person who needs the tablets (my grandfather). Each day or hour of whatever you set the Tabot to it will release the required tablets into a holder. It will buzz and flash to remind the person to take the tablets. When they put their hand under the top piece the tablets are released into their hand.

This is my very first prototype of the working Tabot This will hopefully help my grandfather and many other elderly and tablet dependant people. I need some money to get our second working prototype up and running and hopefully get the project started and make it available to many many people. Sadly getting a plastic prototype made is extremely expensive. Hopefully, once we start making them in bulk the price should be 150 - 200 dollars each. We need proximately 1000 for a 3D printer or to pay for a 3D printing service to help us start manufacturing a few limited release prototypes. and the other 200 is for other parts that make up the Tabot. My grandfather and I would both really appreciate the support.

The main design runs on an Arduino mega and has a simple interface. The new models have an LCD screen on the front along with two buttons and a potentiometer for control. There is a motion sensor under the opener so that when you put you hand underneath the opener the pill holder releases the pills. The pills are loaded into a rotating holder which turns at the set times which are set on the lcd and menu interface. The design is rather simple and is designed to be minimalistic and east to understand and use. There are multiple discrete components and a buzzer and RTC module inside.

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