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Super cheap Xbox 360 wireless adapter

This project is to build a super cheap wireless adapter based on Raspberry Pi Zero and ENC28J60 ethernet module for Xbox 360

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A Back to the Future Clock

This project started life as an alarm clock for my son made to look like the time circuit from the Back to the Future movies. The display can show the time in various formats, including the one from the movies of course. It's configur...

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Stream Airplay to Your Pi Zero

The Raspberry Pi Zero W is a tiny, yet powerful little device. Coupled with a Pimoroni Speaker pHat, it can be easily turned into a portable Airplay speaker which allows you to stream your music anywhere you want.

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Raspberry pi Photo Booth

This project is a raspberry pi powered photo both. It uses a raspberry pi zero and the raspberry pi camera. All the code has been uploaded to GitHub for you. It has a ten-second timer, from when you press the button, and then it takes 4 images, there is a led to indicate timer and photo status....

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Pi Zero - Cloud Print Server

I really love the reliability of my Fuji wireless mono laser printer. Best printer I've ever owned. However, it was released without Google Cloud Print. This required constant driver installation...

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Cosmic Array

An array of individual cosmic ray detectors distributed across a landscape to display how cosmic rays arrive as showers of muons. It's all powered by a Raspberry Pi Zero!

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Retro Hand held Pi Zero

I bought a Pi zero w from Core Electronics for a friend, also bought the official case too but thought I'd fit the Pi into something he can show off! I used an old hand held game case I had laying around, I had to remove the original circuit board and plan where to place the Pi board.

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This is an awesome project that takes about 6 hours to complete. Hours upon hours of endless fun thereafter! Ideally, some prior soldering experience is advantageous but if you take your time and practice before you start it's beginner friendly! The battery will give just over 3 hours on a single c...

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RetroPie in a Cartridge

For $50 and some dedication a retro gaming console can be yours and with HDMI you can play it with any modern TV or monitor. Instead of using bulky and space taking cartridges and discs it's all on the console. For this build, we're going to use Retropie, an awesome software package that handles al...

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Modify Dell multimedia keyboard from USB bus power

This project is to modify a Dell multimedia keyboard into a Raspberry Pi Zero dedicated keyboard with external powered USB hub. You can find this article in my blog http://sizeofinfinity.blogspot.com.au/2017/06/modify-dell-multimedia-keyboard-from.html.

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p0wer - Control mains outlets over wifi.

As part of a larger home automation project, I wanted the ability to control some mains power outlets remotely. To achieve this, I interfaced the transmitter from an inexpensive 433MHz mains remote control kit with a raspberry pi zero w (via a pair of 4066 chips). I then wrote a programme in C to wh...

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Tweeting Pi-Zero-W GIF Camera

I made a Raspberry Pi camera that captures GIF files and optionally tweets them over WiFi! It's built around a Raspberry Pi Zero W and a Pi Camera module. The ca...

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DIY Gameboy based on Raspberry Pi Zero W (PiGRRL)

We made a Pi Zero W retro-games console! The nostalgia is making me dizzy! If you'd like to build your own, we've put together a couple of wishlists to make things easier: