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Rain Gauge Data Logger


A Raspberry Pi 3B is used to collect digital counts from an electronic rain gauge (1mm of rain per reed switch closure by magnetic see-saw). It has been running without issues for over 12 months. A UPS powers the Pi s...

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IoT Soundscape

I had been captivated by the sound levels of trains I could hear passing by Metford throughout the day/night. I wondered if a sound level sensor reporting data back over LoRa would help me understand when a train was noisy. I also like the idea of seeing or visualising a problem, in this case, an am...

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Handheld Retropie

Once you go down the retro gaming rabbit hole, that's it, you're not getting out without putting together your own gaming console. It all began with my hacked PSP, which I was running emulators on. Then I wanted to run them on my big screen. Unfortunately I have the first gen PSP that was sold in Au...

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Doctor Who Chess

I was down at a local game shop recently and noticed their range of chess boards and decided to try my hand at a simple little project. I'm a big fan of Doctor Who, Chess and 3D Printing. So I decided to combine them all together into a fun project. Essentially, I set out to make a chess set based o...

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Arduino Tide Gauge

I used an Arduino and a US-100 ultrasonic sensor to make an extremely low-cost tide gauge. This project measures the tide by sensing the distance to water using  By: User61730 Tags: arduino tide ocean water us100 ultrasonic Favored: 0

Garage Door Sensor

This project uses a US100 ultrasonic distance sensor to detect instances of a garage tilt door being left open and sends an alert via the IFTTT mobile app. Additionally, the device logs temperature and pressure to a Thingspeak channel using a BMP280 sensor.

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Fridge Door Alarm

This project uses an ESP8266-01 WiFi module to send an alert to my phone if the fridge door is left open or ajar.

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Pool temperature sensor

This project uses a waterproof ds18b20 sensor to log pool water temperature to an SD card and displays the temperature on an LCD.

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My ghostbusters proton pack

Hi all. Thought I'd share with you my modded Spirit Halloween proton pack. It's about 80% scale, which is plenty big enough for my 7-year-old son, and still looks decently sized on adults. As soon as I learned of this pack, 5-year-old me just had to get one. And I had just gotten my Arduino beginner...

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IoT Chicken Shed (Arduino, Wifi)

If you have chickens and find you're not always available to close the gate at night or check the water levels each day, then why not use an ESP8266 to automate your chicken door and receive alerts door status and low water level, as well a...

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Hyperweb: Interactive Art for Vivid Sydney

Hyperweb is a collaborative interactive sculpture installation at Vivid in Sydney. I designed and built a crowd sensing weather station that is used to control an audio "soundscape" within the piece. It also triggers light show events that coincide with the ambient tracks. Special thanks to Core-Ele...

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ThingSpeak temperature & pressure logger

This project logs temperature and pressure observations to a ThingSpeak channel using an ESP8266 WiFi module.

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AWS Lambda with Temperature data and the ESP32

In this project, I'm using an esp32 board combined with a thermistor, plus an Amazon Web Services Lambda API plus some web chart...

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Water Tank Level Sensor

Imagine getting home from work, its winter, its cold. You have a shower to warm up and half way through your shower...... your water stops. You wrap a towel around yourself, remove the shampoo from your eyes and go out into the cold to swap the tanks as the water tank you were using had run dry. Thi...

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Basic Weather Station

The aim of this project was to provide a cost effective and basic weather station for my backyard that can upload readings to Weather Underground. Part 2 of the project will be using this local data to trigger activities in and around my house.

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Wefted Waveforms

This project aims to fuse neopixel strips with papier mache and origami into a free-standing electro-sculpture. The freestanding structure is formed from wire mesh and papier mache. It is then painted and wired up with strips of LEDs connected to an RPi3+Teensy+OctoWS2811 Adapter + Power Supply. Th...

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Electronica Botanica

This piece combines recycled electronics extracted from decommissioned computers and new electronic components. I had an idea I wanted to incorporate a lighting element into a contemporary sculpture so it was just a matter of coming up with a theme to bring it all together.

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Desktop Infinity Mirror (Lasercut!)

A smaller version of our amazing Infinity-Mirror Table - the Desktop Infinity Mirror compresses all the colourful goodness into a picture frame-sized display. The entire design is made from laser-cut acrylic that we cut in-...

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This is an awesome project that takes about 6 hours to complete. Hours upon hours of endless fun thereafter! Ideally, some prior soldering experience is advantageous but if you take your time and practice before you start it's beginner friendly! The battery will give just over 3 hours on a single c...

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RetroPie in a Cartridge

For $50 and some dedication a retro gaming console can be yours and with HDMI you can play it with any modern TV or monitor. Instead of using bulky and space taking cartridges and discs it's all on the console. For this build, we're going to use Retropie, an awesome software package that handles al...

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Modify Dell multimedia keyboard from USB bus power

This project is to modify a Dell multimedia keyboard into a Raspberry Pi Zero dedicated keyboard with external powered USB hub. You can find this article in my blog http://sizeofinfinity.blogspot.com.au/2017/06/modify-dell-multimedia-keyboard-from.html.

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p0wer - Control mains outlets over wifi.

As part of a larger home automation project, I wanted the ability to control some mains power outlets remotely. To achieve this, I interfaced the transmitter from an inexpensive 433MHz mains remote control kit with a raspberry pi zero w (via a pair of 4066 chips). I then wrote a programme in C to wh...

By: User5064 Tags: mains power remote wifi raspberry pi zero w Favored: 1

YAM: Monitoring Animal Enclosures

YAM (or YetAnotherMonitor) I keep more than 20 enclosures of Australian native lizards and turtles and I want to make sure they are all in an appropriate environment. To that end, I built a microcontroller-based system to monitor the temperature and water flow rates for each tank, ...

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Tweeting Pi-Zero-W GIF Camera

I made a Raspberry Pi camera that captures GIF files and optionally tweets them over WiFi! It's built around a Raspberry Pi Zero W and a Pi Camera module. The ca...

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DIY Gameboy based on Raspberry Pi Zero W (PiGRRL)

We made a Pi Zero W retro-games console! The nostalgia is making me dizzy! If you'd like to build your own, we've put together a couple of wishlists to make things easier:

Makey Makey Pencil Piano

After seeing how much fun people had using the Makey Makey as a gaming controller for our RetroPie setup, I decided that more fun, simple projects that can be made using household materials were in order. So today I present to you the piano that anyone can draw. That's right, we're going to draw a p...

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This was an attempt to build a autonomous robot that could follow a person or bike while carrying tools, equipment or water. This project used a Raspberry Pi3 and Wild Thumper All-Terrain Chassis.

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Remote Automation With a W5100 Shield

This is an Arduino project using and ethernet shield for remote control of a set of relays. The IPControl module was meant to be a simple web accessible device controller. It sort of grew! A little out of hand as you will see from the code.

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