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Rain Gauge Data Logger


A Raspberry Pi 3B is used to collect digital counts from an electronic rain gauge (1mm of rain per reed switch closure by magnetic see-saw). It has been running without issues for over 12 months. A UPS powers the Pi s...

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IoT Soundscape

I had been captivated by the sound levels of trains I could hear passing by Metford throughout the day/night. I wondered if a sound level sensor reporting data back over LoRa would help me understand when a train was noisy. I also like the idea of seeing or visualising a problem, in this case, an am...

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Darlington Pair Touch Circuit

Ever seen a touch lamp in action and wondered how on earth we can make that using basic components? This project is a basic circuit with 2 transistors to amplify a signal from your touch.

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Basic Weather Station

The aim of this project was to provide a cost effective and basic weather station for my backyard that can upload readings to Weather Underground. Part 2 of the project will be using this local data to trigger activities in and around my house.

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