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GraviTrack Enhancements - Lights and Sound


Searching for solar panels and related items on the Core Electronics website; I came across the Solarbotics GraviTrack Marble Machine Kit. I thought the kit would be a good educational tool for the grandkids. The kit was a hit, b...

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RPi Garbage Bin Reminder

Our local council picks up recycling bins one week and green waste the following week. Sometimes people forget which bins go out each week and perhaps they mistakenly put the wrong bins out. Not that that has ever happened to me of course! I decided to put together a simple circuit and write a Pyth...

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A Back to the Future Clock

This project started life as an alarm clock for my son made to look like the time circuit from the Back to the Future movies. The display can show the time in various formats, including the one from the movies of course. It's configur...

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Making a dumb coffee grinder slightly less dumb. This is a programmable timer tethered to a Rancilio Rocky coffee grinder. The Rocky is a "dumb" grinder and electrically very simple. Basically it's an ac motor with an on/off switch and a momentary push-button to grind. This project adds an electron...

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Automatic Bike Indicators

This project uses an Accelerometer to detect when you are leaning left or right. Depending on if/where you are leaning, it will flash LEDs on the right or left of the bike's rear. Powered by an Arduino and a 12v battery pack (my case 8 AA Batteries). I have made a video on it below. By: User28028 Tags: arduino rgb led 12v adlx345 Favored: 0

HUGE LED Pixel Panel

I’ve always been fascinated by LED screens and seeing beautiful colours mix and merge to create vibrant displays. I also love games, so what better way to combine the two than a giant LED pixel matrix which can play games, display audio levels, really anything you can think of. It uses a Rasp...

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Infinity-Mirror Table

An infinity mirror creates a striking optical illusion - a tunnel of light that seems to tear through space. I built this infinity-mirror table using some addressable LEDs, a Particle Photon and easily obtainable timber supplies. Check out the video to see the table in action! If ...

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Time lapsing in OctoPrint (Properly!)

Now that we have decked out our Lulzbot Taz 6 3D Printer with a really nice looking acrylic enclosure, I'm just about ready to turn on some serious 3D printing work. But before I dive into that endless po...

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