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IoT Soundscape

I had been captivated by the sound levels of trains I could hear passing by Metford throughout the day/night. I wondered if a sound level sensor reporting data back over LoRa would help me understand when a train was noisy. I also like the idea of seeing or visualising a problem, in this case, an am...

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IoT Chicken Shed (Arduino, Wifi)

If you have chickens and find you're not always available to close the gate at night or check the water levels each day, then why not use an ESP8266 to automate your chicken door and receive alerts door status and low water level, as well a...

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ThingSpeak temperature & pressure logger

This project logs temperature and pressure observations to a ThingSpeak channel using an ESP8266 WiFi module.

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AWS Lambda with Temperature data and the ESP32

In this project, I'm using an esp32 board combined with a thermistor, plus an Amazon Web Services Lambda API plus some web chart...

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IoT Plant Monitor

So, my wife wanted to have some small plants in the house. I didn’t, so we compromised, and got some plants. The only thing is that neither of us remembers to water them, so I wanted to build a sensor array to monitor the moisture content of the soil, and notify us when they needed watering. ...

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YAM: Monitoring Animal Enclosures

YAM (or YetAnotherMonitor) I keep more than 20 enclosures of Australian native lizards and turtles and I want to make sure they are all in an appropriate environment. To that end, I built a microcontroller-based system to monitor the temperature and water flow rates for each tank, ...

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Raspberry Pi IoT Doorbell

This Raspberry Pi, IoT Doorbell is basically a simple smart Door Bell, which takes a photo of whoever rings it, and emails it to the specified email address, and keeps all the photos in a folder. (along with going Ding-Dong). Any Problems, just leave a comment/start a discussion below.

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IOT Shed Part 2

If you haven't already seen it, check out part 1 of this project. it has all the background info in it. And if you haven't got one yet, get yourself a By: User9562 Tags: photon particle iot Favored: 0

IOT Shed

The driver behind this project is to allow the remote control of some of the equipment in my shed. I have a CNC router/laser cutter that uses my compressor and dust extractor whilst it is running, and well whats the point in having a computer comtrolled machine if you have to hang around and turn th...

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IoT Mailbox

Getting letters and parcels is awesome, what’s not so awesome though is when you miss the postman and you don’t know if that important bit of mail arrived or not. Such a frustrating, yet mundane problem can be solved by creating an Internet of Things mailbox!

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IoT House

These days we can do just about anything on our phone, we can control so many aspects of our lives using the technology in our pocket, but the most mundane aspects of our lives; opening the garage door, blindly reaching for the light switch in the dark, opening the front door when we get home, still...

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