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Automatic Bike Indicators

This project uses an Accelerometer to detect when you are leaning left or right. Depending on if/where you are leaning, it will flash LEDs on the right or left of the bike's rear. Powered by an Arduino and a 12v battery pack (my case 8 AA Batteries). I have made a video on it below. By: User28028 Tags: arduino rgb led 12v adlx345 Favored: 0

Handheld UV Meter

UV is important to reptiles (and people) in processing vitamin D3 which is needed to absorb calcium. Without it reptiles often suffer from Metabolic Bone Disease (MBD) which leads to weak bones and can be fatal. Thankfully, pet shops have the answer, UV producing globes which can stave off the dread...

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YAM: Monitoring Animal Enclosures

YAM (or YetAnotherMonitor) I keep more than 20 enclosures of Australian native lizards and turtles and I want to make sure they are all in an appropriate environment. To that end, I built a microcontroller-based system to monitor the temperature and water flow rates for each tank, ...

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Tabot is a robotic tablet dispenser. It is designed to help elderly people maintain their independence and help anyone who has tablets remember to take them on time.

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Keypad entry to caravan using Arduino

I used to sleep in a caravan on my grandparent's property and as amenities were inside the house I had to go in and out of it quite regularly. I got sick of fumbling around with keys to go in and out of my caravan, so this project uses an Arduino Micro, 3x4 keypad, LCD and an electric door strike to...

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Cosplay Blaster

Hey guys! First time poster. I've been working on a blaster for my girlfriend's costume, and I thought I would share it with everyone. When triggered, it plays a selected sound effect and flashes the light. Pretty simple :)

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FM Radio with Arduino, LCD and Si4703

A couple of years ago, I found a modern jukebox (with iPod connectivity, AM/FM radio, CD player and LEDs) dumped in my street. The body was in decent condition but all of the electronics were ruined apart from the LEDs. I decided to take it and replace all of the electronics with my own and add a fe...

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Coffee Grinder With Arduino

Using a few bits and pieces, this ordinary coffee grinder now has two presets to run the motor for a programmable length of time. The idea being that the grinder running for a set amount of time will deliver a certain amount of coffee each button press meaning the beans can be stored unground, keepi...

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Hands-free Selfie Camera Control

Ever wanted to record a video and be included in it? My children did. One does parkour, and the other loves to dance, both want to perfect their art by watching their moves during practice. They asked their inventor/tinkerer dad, "can you make something like this dad?"

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The Hipster Coaster

We wanted to make a interactive display of the fun that can be had with DIY projects to take to Sydney Mini Maker Faire. We decided to do so by utilising the TinkerKit Braccio from Arduino.org, alongside some 3D Printing ing...

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Remote Automation With a W5100 Shield

This is an Arduino project using and ethernet shield for remote control of a set of relays. The IPControl module was meant to be a simple web accessible device controller. It sort of grew! A little out of hand as you will see from the code.

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House Power and Solar Monitor

I’ve had a Current Cost Power Monitor for a number of years which worked well until we put solar on the roof. The Current Cost can’t determine which direction the power is flowing and so power generation and consumption are added together on the Current Cost display rendering it unusable...

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