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    Light Level XRF Development Sensor

    SKU: 005-K044

    $17.43 AUD, inc GST

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    Light Level XRF Development Sensor

    SKU: 005-K044

    $17.43 AUD, inc GST

    Retired Product

    This product has been retired and kept here for reference.

    This sensor kit is for making a wireless light sensor.  Combined with our LLAP firmware makes getting remote light level readings as easy as sending a tweet.  The main functions are:

    • Monitor light levels remotely (with the XRF option everything you need for a self contained light level sensor in one kit)
    • Easy communication (just add an XRF to the board and an SRF-Stick to your PC for instant communication)
    • Log data to the cloud (use one of the many cloud based loggers of information)

    The sensor is encased in a smart, strong black enclosure. In order to wireless communicate with it you will need an XRF loaded with the correct firmware.  The firmware can be found here for free though you will need a serial connection sush as the Ciseco Explorer Plus or similar to reprogram it.


    • Compact and easily deployable
    • Fits in the matchbox size ABS box provided
    • Each pin of the XRF is broken out onto the outer edge for easy access and development
    • Made in the UK
    Kit contents:
    • 1 x K028 Coin cell board kit which contains the following
      • 1 x CCB PCB
      • 1 x SMT coin cell holder
      • 1 x D012 100µf microminiture capacitor
      • 2 x D015 10 way 2mm socket header
    • 1 x D038 10K LDR light sensor
    • 1 x D031 10K resistor
    • 1 x P015 Coin cell (2032 size)
    • 1 x P001 Matching ABS box
    Cloud providers:
    These providers may need some code to change the simple LLAP messages into a format that they accept.  Contact them to find out how our equipment can be used on their service.

    Amee, ThingSpeak, Patchube, SensorLogic, Arkessa, iDigi, Nimbits, Axeda, iobridge, AirVantage, paraimpu, Bugswarm, Evrythng, SEN.SE, Isidorey, HP Cense, Sensinode, One Platform, ProxPlatform, SensorCloud, Thingworx, Yaler

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    Technical data

    • Dimensions: 59mm x 36mm x 21mm (ABS box)




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