Wobbly - The 3D Printed, Walking Automaton

What’s better than a robot that is powered by batteries? How about a robot that is powered by gravity!

Introducing Wobbly, a 3D printed, gravity powered walking automaton.

The creator of Wobbly, Kevin, is no stranger to making robotic bipeds but sought out to make something a bit different. Inspired by the walking style of Robosapien and a meeting at the Australian Antiquarian Horological Society (a mouthful, I know) he set out on a mission to design a gravity powered ‘wobbler’. I say mission complete.

Wobbly is comprised of 8 3D printed parts that just slide together, making for an easy construction. The files of which can be downloaded from Wobbly’s Thingiverse page.

After what he calls ‘Mechanical Debugging’ he found that it needed some more weight to the back of the bot. He quickly designed a ‘rocket back pack’ that allows for the insertion of a coin. The coin provides ample weight to set the little guy in motion.

To see the whole progress of the design make sure to head over to its project page.