Ultrasonic Music Maker

Often when we just get some brand new components we quickly breadboard a circuit to test them, to see if they work. Sometimes we opt for the simple and practical test, the bare minimal, wire everything up and probe with a multimeter. However, why not make something a little more fun and impractical?

When I got my first set of Ultrasonic sensors for Arduino experimentation, a while ago now, I wanted to make something that was fun and easy enough for a complete novice to re-create. Printing the incoming information from the sensor to the Serial Monitor would’ve been much quicker and easier, but instead I opted to create a musical instrument!

Watch the video below to find out more.

This little project couldn’t have been simpler. Using two HC-SR04’s, one to trigger the note and one to change the pitch, and a Piezo buzzer you can create an almost Theremin like instrument. Waving your hands in the air to create little beeps is very satisfying and is also a fun way to test your sensors.

So next time you get a component in the mail, put that multimeter away and make something fun!

If you want to make this Ultrasonic Music Maker you can get the parts from the store here: