Arduino Powered Juggling Balls

Roger Antonsen has balls, no really, he designed Smart Juggling Balls.

Smart Juggling Balls are Arduino compatible balls fitted with motion sensors and LED’s for feedback that dynamically changes depending on how they are being handled.

For example; when a single ball is being thrown about it will light up red; however, if two balls are being thrown together they both turn yellow. Furthermore, if they are juggled in a ‘3-1’ pattern, they change between red and green depending on where they are in the throw.

The balls communicate wirelessly to each other with no centralised computation taking place. This allows balls to be added or removed as desired without having to re-calibrate extra software.

Roger has truly thought outside of the square with his build and the experts agree. Roger won the 2014 Pitch Your Prototype competition at the current Maker Faire in the Bay Area taking out the $5000 prize.

Apart from being a maker, Roger is also a senior lecturer at the University of Oslo. He aims to use the balls to help teach the principles of motion and how we can read that information using microcontrollers.

To see it in action be sure to check out the video below.