MirrorOS: RPi Smart Mirror

What do you get if you combine a mirror with a Raspberry Pi and touch screen? A Smart, IoT Mirror of course! You'll be able to take a typical PC setup and with a few tweaks, load it up with a selection of applications for a personalized interactive mirror!

You can control using a touch screen and/or a mobile device. It's a fantastic project for anyone who is a little crafty and looking to get their paws wet with the Raspberry Pi. 

Josep Khan decided to build a smart mirror and leverage all the previous smart mirrors before him into a fresher look at what we can do with IoT mirrors. He ended up with a voice-recognising, gesture-controlled smart mirror that has a full web app API to install any web app you'd like directly to it. Enough talking about it, though, take a look below!

There is a full presentation available on Google Drive

Here's a video of the project working

And the obligatory Imgur album.

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