PyBoard Available in Australia!

PyBoardPyBoard bridges the gap for Python experienced developers who are curious about IoT / electronics. The board connects to your PC over USB, giving you a USB flash drive to save your Python scripts and instant programming. Multi OS friendly with support for Windows, Mac and Linux.

MicroPython runs bare-metal on the PyBoard - it's a complete re-write of Python (version 3.4) so that it fits on a microcontroller. The built-in pyb module contains useful functions and classes to control the peripherals such as UART, I2C, SPI, ADC and DAC.

Main features of the hardware:

  • STM32F405RG microcontroller
  • 168 MHz Cortex M4 CPU with hardware floating point
  • 1024KiB flash ROM and 192KiB RAM
  • Micro USB connector for power and serial communication
  • Micro SD card slot, supporting standard and high capacity SD cards
  • 3-axis accelerometer (MMA7660)
  • Real time clock with optional battery backup
  • 24 GPIO on left and right edges and 5 GPIO on bottom row, plus LED and switch GPIO available on bottom row
  • 3x 12-bit analog to digital converters, available on 16 pins, 4 with analog ground shielding
  • 2x 12-bit digital to analog (DAC) converters, available on pins X5 and X6
  • 4 LEDs (red, green, yellow and blue)
  • 1 reset and 1 user switch
  • On-board 3.3V LDO voltage regulator, capable of supplying up to 300mA, input voltage range 3.6V to 10V
  • DFU bootloader in ROM for easy upgrading of firmware

Here is a video which overviews PyBoard:

Grab your PyBoard today!