PIXEL for x86!

So you know Linux right? And you know that fancy new version of Linux that runs on the Raspberry Pi called PIXEL? Well have I got some news for you. The wonderful folks over at the Raspberry Pi Foundation have created a build of PIXEL designed to run on x86 architecture machines. This means that you can transform that old 32-bit PC you've got lying around, into a fancy, sleek Linux machine.

Raspberry Pi PIXEL desktop

It's currently in an early release form with availability being limited to a bootable image which you can run off a DVD or USB rather than an installer. It comes with the complete software package found with the Raspberry Pi version of PIXEL (minus Minecraft and Wolfram Mathematica due to licensing restrictions), and can run on your modern PC and Mac, right back to vintage computers, providing they have at least 512MB of RAM.

Note that as it's still in the early testing phase, it isn't guaranteed to be completely bug-free on every platform, however, Raspberry Pi decide to continue on with this direction, expect plenty of overhauls in the near future.

For more info, check out the official blog post from the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

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