Magpi: The Micro Arduino Gaming Platform Interface

Do you often reminisce about gaming on Nokia phones? The monochrome backlit displays were nothing fancy, but games like ‘Snake’ and ‘Tetris’ cemented a place for them in our hearts.

User zippy314 over on Instructables has taken an old Nokia screen breakout, added an Arduino, some buttons and a 3D printed case and created Magpi, a Micro Arduino Gaming Platform Interface.

Zippy chose to use the Arduino Pro Micro as the brains for this project. Its small size makes it a great choice for a handheld device. The Pro Micro has several buttons wired up to it, the positive ends going to the digital pins and the negative pins all chained together to ground. The buttons have square covers on them which further adds to the retro feel. To power the whole thing Zippy used a small LiPo battery. LiPo’s are great choice because of their small size and reasonable current capacity. The whole thing is encased in a 3D printed shell, comprised of three main pieces, two pieces are for the back and front whilst another is used to mount the buttons onto.

There are a number of games to play including ‘Catcher’, ‘Snake’ and an art application called ‘Drawer’. You can see them demonstrated in the video below.

The Magpi is a great project that combines multiple aspects of making. For more details and instructions on how to make your own head over to the Instructables page found here.

If you would like to build one, you can pick up the components at our Store.