LoRaWAN Upgrade: Outdoor Antenna

Our LoRaWAN Gateway just got an upgrade: an outdoor antenna mounted nice and high. We've gone with a full wave antenna to get the most out of even the weakest of signals. Connecting the antenna to the Laird Sentrius RG191 LoRaWAN Gateway was straightforward; our antennas have a 5-meter low loss RF cable which is terminated with an RP-SMA connector. In short; they fit together without any fuss.

Outdoor LoRaWAN Antenna Upgrade

The Adamstown & Kotara area (where we're located) was in an RF shadow as it's surrounded by hills. The new outdoor antenna has more than doubled our contribution to the local LoRaWAN coverage, we had hits up to 6+KM away (which is impressive for an urban environment). 

After the antenna install I grabbed my trusty TTN Mapper and got to the streets for a drive. In the map below you can see the RF shadow I referred to - the whisps of blue that fly-in from the right and go right over the top of us. 

Our new setup caters for the entire Adamstown area, which is so refreshing to see!

LoRaWAN TTN Mapper Adamstown

If you're new to TTN or would like to learn more, here are some links: