Lego Reader

If you’re an avid reader and have a combination of paper books and digital books, you may have considered how much easier it would be to have all content in one form.  While some traditionalists prefer the physical book, the vast majority of readers are going to digital content and audiobooks because of the ease of storing vast quantities of content. One reader, dexterindustries has come up with a way to digitize content from a paper book as well as a device to read a paper book aloud.

What is most surprising about this project is the materials used to create the device.  In addition to some basic hardware, the device was made of Legos. 

lego reader electronics project

To build this nifty little machine, dexterindustries began by building up the frame of the book reading device using the Legos.  A camera is affixed on a moving arm above the book. There’s a mechanized wheel at the bottom of the book that is used to automatically turn the page once all of the content has been captured. After the camera is hooked up, a device called an Optical Character Recognition engine is set up in order to translate the images it captures into text. Finally, all of the working parts of this device are brought together to begin capturing the content and translating it into digital files. 

The project can be taken one step further as dexterindustries did using online software that translates text into audio files. You now have a paper book that has been put in digital format to view on an e-reader, but also has been translated into an audiobook for listening on the go. To see every step in this process and the final outcome of the project, check it out here.