Getting kids into programming can be a difficult task. One of the most popular ways to get kids into programming is teaching them how to program their own games, with programs such as Scratch. Being able to create something that they already enjoy is a sure fire way to boost their interest. But the problem is, what about the kids who are just too little to be able to use a computer?

A new Kickstarter project called cloudBoard aims to bring the world of programming to kids as young as four years old. It does by fusing together two things that kids love, puzzles and computer games.

The cloudBoard is a small tablet sized board covered in little recesses. The user can then place puzzle blocks into the board, much like a jigsaw puzzle. The board recognizes which blocks were placed where and the game then responds to this. This allows kid to program complex actions just by moving a few ‘puzzle’ blocks around on the board.

The game that is being bundled with the board is called ‘Cork the Volcano’. The user first plans out what route their player should take. Then by placing the movement blocks down onto the board you are writing the program. The game then starts and the little creature beings to follow these programmed movement actions. To move onto the next instruction you just simply tap the screen.

The creators behind the board have also put together more games to show the boards potential. One game is all about joining the blocks together to make specific molecules to feed hungry monsters. Another allows the user to place music blocks onto the board to write their own symphony.

It’s a great project that has a great cause. If you want to support the project then make sure to head over to their Kickstarter page and back them!