Build A Music-Reactive LED Table

People’s creativity never ceases to amaze, as is demonstrated by Instrucables user cr4041 in his guide to creating an amazing music visualizer table. The result of assembling a large LED matrix and placing it into a table is simply astonishing and bound to impress anyone who casts their eyes upon it. Best of all, the project is relatively simple to complete and doesn’t cost a fortune to assemble, although the result will look a thousand dollars.

The main aspect of the visualizer table is the LED matrix, which produces the stunning effects in your table. You can make the visualization effect as large or as little as you like by following a simple datasheet and connecting the LEDs using wires and a soldering iron. It’s basically high-school stuff and it doesn’t really matter how neat your soldering work is as it will all be hidden when the table is complete.

The actual table itself could be any old table found around your home, but in cr4041’s guide it is an Ikea table which was purchased for less than $10. The only requirement for the table is that it must be thick enough to hold the completed LED matrix. The beauty of this visualizer table is that accuracy isn’t essential, so when you are creating a template for your LED holes, be creative!

The final material needed before assembly is a piece of perspex which is the same size as the LED matrix. To gain an awesome effect cover the perspex in frosted window film and add some greaseproof paper, both of which will add diffusion to the effect. Once everything is in place, plug the usb cable in and admire your own personal music visualizer table!