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BoB the BiPed

Walking humanoid robot bipeds may just be the Holy Grail for any roboticist. Ask anyone in the field and they will tell you just how complicated they are mechanically and how difficult they are to program. Because of their difficulty to make they are often not seen in your average household, often exclusively seen in university competitions and government research departments. One robot maker (Kevin Biagini) wants to change all that though, he set himself the goal of creating an affordable walking biped robot kit that is not only easy to construct and program, but looks good.

Meet BoB, Kevin’s creation. BoB is a four degree of freedom, 3D printed, DIY robot packed with heaps of personality. BoB is made up of six 3D printed parts; the base, two ‘L’ brackets, two feet and the head.  


To walk BoB has four micro servos, two at the hips and two on the feet. The walking style of BoB is quite unique. BoB shifts his centre of gravity over one foot by rotating the foot servo. BoB then rotates the hip servos to rotate the body forward. Eye holes in the head allow for the placement of an ultrasonic sensor, giving the bot basic autonomous capabilities.

BoB has gotten quite the following seeing several ‘clones’ of BoB all over the internet. The great thing is that BoB is open source meaning that anyone can download the files and edit them anyway they want to personalize their own BoB.

At the moment Kevin is in the process of turning BoB into a resin cast kit that you can buy and put together yourself. If you are interested and would like more information be sure to check out his website here.


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